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  1. old sherwood newcastle R-500 dobly pro logic
  2. Are Some Blu-Ray Disc not in Tru Audio? Do You Always Need to Setup Audio on Discs?
  3. *desperately need help in choosing a receiver*
  4. Using non-HDMI receiver with HDMI Projector and Blu-Ray
  5. What do i buy?
  6. Is 720P format dead?
  7. HDTV time for me at last!
  8. Help needed with new model Samsung
  9. Arcam dv 137 or Cambridge Audio 650bd
  10. Denon AVR-1803. Should I jump on it?
  11. Upgrading TV, blu ray, speakers..do I replace my Pioneer 1015 receiver?
  12. Value
  13. Reciever/ps3 issue?
  14. Receiver A/V Product Advice Wanted!
  15. Converting DVD Player to Blue Ray?
  16. Anyone have this problem with their plasma TV?
  17. Jamo 608s - need an amp
  18. just thinking about my most reliable HT component
  19. My beloved DLP TV = broke!
  20. Multiple Subs- do they need to match?
  21. Need receiver recommendation
  22. Yamaha RX-V870 replacement bulb specs?
  23. Projector placement
  24. HD media player or blu ray player??
  25. Do you buy into the whole "Synergy" thing?
  26. Selecting Home theater setup w/ wireless rears
  27. DVD / Home Theatre with USB NTFS formatted memory stick support
  28. Driving a sub and sats with preamp
  29. Which Speaker system would you recommend?? Im torn between these 2
  30. Stick with 7.1 Analog, or upgrade the receiver?
  31. Mid range a/v reciever, Sony STR-DH800 or Yamaha RX-V465BL ?
  32. Hdmi 1.4?
  33. SUb levels w/graph
  34. Equipment Help...VGA over Cat5
  35. Need projector recommendations.
  36. Just bought a Lexicon DC-2
  37. Plasma or LCD..some ambient light BUT also some off angle viewing
  38. $1269 for Mitsubishi 73" WD-73C9 (3D Ready) DLP 120Hz HDTV ,worth it?
  39. Thinking about New TV for my Home Theatre - Recommendations?
  40. ellion dvr-950a firmware
  41. PS3 Update Interupted Dilemma
  42. center channel dilemma
  43. Velodyne CT-100 - USED $135
  44. Which High Current Amp?????
  45. Witch receiver do i need for Canton plus C woofer
  46. Upgrading HT..not a first timer but please help?
  47. first time
  48. Odd problem - need help from video guys.
  49. Avr3805
  50. Blu-Ray and non DTS-HD decoding
  51. 3D TV A Premature Waste at this Point or Not?
  52. Would you rather top tier/entry level or bottom tier/high end?
  53. AVR3802 or AVR1906???
  54. Yamaha receiver help needed
  55. Receivers how you rate them?
  56. Sharp Aquos BD-HD21
  57. new post
  58. bargain home theater find, patriot box office..
  59. Composite signal vs Component signal
  60. HT setup, any suggestions??
  61. Pioneer DVL-909
  62. When You Use Extension Cord/Cables Are You Losing Some Power & Giving up Surge Protec
  63. NAD T765 vs Cambridge Audio 650r
  64. Can the new 3D TVs be viewed in 2D?
  65. Cambridge Audio 650BD vs Arcam AVR 350
  66. Any Significant Change in Audio Sound over Past 10-12 Years or So
  67. How good are CNET's reviews?
  68. Onkyo TX-SR607 Spring Clip broke
  69. If...you had 1 movie & 1 brew....it is?
  70. What should I upgrade? Suggestions...
  71. B&K receiver should I get it?
  72. A lot to be said for good set up.
  73. Use Flat Screen as a Monitor for a Laptop
  74. Blu-Ray and Netflix streaming
  75. Do you believe me?
  76. what receiver to get?
  77. Holy crap batman I'm a noob...
  78. Audio decoding question
  79. If you haven't upgraded to HDMI, you better!
  80. TV recommendation for bedroom
  81. 37" hdtv
  82. Yamaha HTR-6060BL
  83. HDTV Coax cabling
  84. Setting up Harmony 880 with Receiver, TV, PS3
  85. Home Theatre Scare!!!!
  86. Denon AVR-1601 and new blu-rays
  87. sony 5.1
  88. Looking for feedback on Audio / Home Theater incremental upgrade strategy
  89. Best Flat Screen Under $1k
  90. Given away 10 LaserDisc
  91. Yamaha RX-V659 how much is it worth?
  92. In the market for a BLU Ray Disc player
  93. Connecting blu ray player
  94. What is region free and code free mean ?
  95. Budget receiver with preouts (or budget preamp)
  96. Onkyo TX - SR607
  97. Any TiVo users?? A few questions inside.....
  98. upconverting dvd problem with 5.1 audio channel
  99. used AV receiver under $200
  100. Blu-Ray Today
  101. Samsung series 7 lcd - internet?
  102. Home Theatre on the Cheap: Used and Refurbished
  103. Receiver Help... which to choose for my needs
  104. Which Blue-Ray player is better: Onkyo DVBD507 or Sony BDP S560?
  105. A/V Receiver bang for the buck
  106. Can High Speed Internet replace my Directv?
  107. Home Theater Sound Advice
  108. Home Theater Speaker system
  109. Quick shout out to Hsu Research
  110. Blu Ray Question
  111. Whatt about Apple TV?
  112. Do you want REAL surround sound?
  113. Center Speaker Question
  114. Oppo's New Blu Ray Released Today
  115. Upgrading Home Theater; Seeking Suggestions/Recommendations
  116. Sony PS3, Sir T, and all you others!
  117. Why aren't Sony stand alone Blu Ray players not as highly lauded as the PS3?
  118. PS3 or LG BD390
  119. Surround Sound or Sound Bar
  120. surround sound hookup
  121. Sir TtT, I can now answer one of your questions
  122. setting up DVD player for Sony CRT
  123. When I Connect My BD Player I get a Double Image? Why?
  124. Yamaha HTR-6240BL
  125. Sharp BLU player
  126. Hello guys.........
  127. Yamaha DVD-S2700 => Impressive Specs
  128. Blue-Ray DVD or Sony Play Station 3?
  129. Why Would Amazon Bundle This?
  130. Reciever not playing in DTS, confusion, help?
  131. HT Subwoofer Theory, Knowledge & Advice Request
  132. Blu-ray disc capacity to get larger
  133. Yamaha YPAO owners in Toronto
  134. Deal Alert....Emotiva DMC-1 AV Processor - $375
  135. Receiver
  136. What about the other senses?
  137. Bedroom HT tale......Thought on Polk?
  138. New HT System
  139. I want to get my HT started up again
  140. A few basic questions...
  141. Question about Blu-ray technology
  142. Onkyo TX-SV545 Manual?
  143. Help with Oppo BDP-83 set up please
  144. Upconverting Vs Blu
  145. Not sure what HT system to buy??? Help!
  146. Best legacy DVD player
  147. "Extra" Packaging with DVDs
  148. Cheaper Oppo BR
  149. Has anyone heard an Onkyo TX-NR1007?
  150. Cambridge BR/universal player hits the street
  151. Return of the $78 Dollar Blu-Ray plaer!!!
  152. Ears or Eyes: If you could have one or the other...?
  153. Receiver Deal Of The Century For $1198!
  154. INTEGRA DTR 6.9, brief review
  155. SAMSUNG LCD vs. Panasonic Plasma
  156. DVDis dead!
  157. Display not working STR-DE715 Receiver
  158. Could this be the best PEQ?
  159. PS-3 the best buy for the buck?
  160. Sorry Richie
  161. What should I buy? Blue ray? etc
  162. Complete HT setup under $900
  163. Television Outlaw: Are you one?
  164. Pop Quiz: At what distance can the human eye discern 720p from 1080p TV display?
  165. Integra Dtr 6.9
  166. Pricewise, is now the best time to get into HT, or what?!?
  167. Does anyone else run there HT sans center speaker?
  168. HELP with in-wall custom installation!! I don't want to get screwed
  169. Hey Two New Flavors of the Oppo BD-83
  170. Sound problem with Sony STR-DE495 receiver
  171. Upcoming upgrades to the PS3
  172. Video Recording ?
  173. Entire home - multi room installation
  174. Toshiba Bdx2000 Blu-ray ? Anyone
  175. 6 And 8 Channel Direct Connection
  176. Out of Synch audio
  177. Help with my bose 301's
  178. Looking for opinions from Concert video lovers
  179. Today's WOOT
  180. Why opt for a high-end BluRay player?
  181. New Cable Box Does Wonders....
  182. Blu Ray Player for 720p DLP
  183. CNet Rates Top 5 HDTV's
  184. Onkyo PR-SC885p or Pioneer SC-05/SC07/SC25?
  185. Anyone have any experience with a Velodyne SMS-1?
  186. Help! 8 ohm L/R fronts paired with a 4 ohm center
  187. frustration? try mind games
  188. Laserdiscs everywhere......
  189. What Blue Ray Player to buy
  190. Do I need a bulb
  191. Need help with my TV!!!
  192. oppo blue ray player
  193. Nice site
  194. Sony Bdp-cx7000ex Mega-blue!! Anyone
  195. Connectivity
  196. Onkyo TX-SR706 A/V Receiver
  197. computer to TV conversion
  198. Pioneer BDP 120 first impression
  199. DLP fights back
  200. Is it me? Or will Blu Ray's just not play some disks?
  201. Vizio VF550M
  202. PS3 update time
  203. BLU RAY Movie List
  204. Another BFD story - SVS PB13 Ultra
  205. First Impressions of my OPPO Blu-Ray.
  206. How to connect surround processor to my receiver?
  207. Upconversion Confusion.
  208. Some opinions please...
  209. Can you mix Steak and Hamburger??
  210. RG6 for Sub plus "How are you doing your 7.1?"
  211. HDMI 1.4 available in 2010
  212. Ebay and the Oppo BDP-83
  213. PS3 slim supposed to do bitstream. Worth it?
  214. Sony DVP-S9000ES issue
  215. Quick Question
  216. Onkyo, move over
  217. Lossless audio over optical?
  218. Oppo BDP-83 doesn't have DTS-ES or DD-EX Decoders?
  219. Economical (But Good!) 5.1 System
  220. Anthem D2 vs D2v
  221. Sixty Four Bucks!!!
  222. Two DVD Players Down
  223. Onkyo tx-nr 901??
  224. comments on current oppo dvd player
  225. Rookie here,need help.
  226. Vizio Bluray Player at Walmart
  227. Samsung LED TV - Holy Mother of God!
  228. Multi disk Blu Ray?
  229. Red line on HDTV
  230. LCD or Plasma on a $2K budget
  231. Looks like Plasma still beats LCD
  232. Jamo S416 VS Pure Acoustics Junior Series
  233. New DVD Player and Dual Layer
  234. Exactly how bad is it to put a non AT screen in front of a center channel speaker??
  235. So what would you buy wth unlimited budget...
  236. Ditching Sony - Are the Mitsubishi RP DLP's any good, reliable?
  237. Infamous Sony Faulty Optical Block or????
  238. Home Theater power any good
  239. 11,013 hours on original lamp: Time to replace?
  240. Is "projector paint" for walls worth the extra expense? Also, what is a good paint?
  241. Ok, first Blu Ray advice, looking at Sony, Panny, LG, please help.
  242. Advice on new DVD Player: Denon vs. Panasonic
  243. What's the diff? (DVD player question)
  244. Any experience with SVS?
  245. CD Player
  246. Problem with Zone 2 on Denon 1609
  247. Running Wire for HT
  248. 1400x240@69hz
  249. Harmony problems...
  250. Simple whole house system.