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    Receivers how you rate them?

    Was wondering how everyone rates receivers as far as brands? I own a Yamaha and its been great! I like the looks of the NAD,Yamaha,Denon etc...
    I use it for 100% movies.
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    Yammy, Onkyo, Denon, NAD, they are all good for HT use. But when also used in a 2ch system then there may be significant differences or preferences in sound.

    There will be differences in some features and the ease of setting up and calibrating a HTR AVR. Also, power requirments and ohm and sensitivity ratings of your speakers come into play. Onkyo AVR's are a lot of bang for the buck. Marantz receivers tend to have a warmer sound for instance.

    One feature I like on an AVR and not many have it, is a center channel tone control. My old JVC RV 8000 had it and it really helped with hard to understand dialog on certain movies.
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    It seems like Onkyo does a great job of having the latest features for the money.

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    In my mind you have basically three main levels, well, no, make that four main levels.

    First you have the level I wouldn't touch or recommend like Insignia and Sherwood. I'm sure there are others but I don't go looking for them.

    Then you go up to what i call "mass market" brands like Onkyo, Denon, Marantz, Yamaha and Pioneer. I also favor Onkyo in this group. Yamaha has a nice unique feature though that allows you to watch TV via HDMI without the receiver being on which is nice. I've also been very curious to hear the Elite featuring the digital amps.

    Then I feel you get into another level of performance with brands like Rotel, NAD, possibly some Cambridge.

    Then you have the ultra no holds barred level like the $8k T+A or the new $5k Arcam. The $5k Arcam is said to be worth it's asking price though, really amazing. I have yet to hear it but it is supposed to be coming to town. There was also a $5k Sunfire but I have low opinion of that brand or anything Carver so I would never pay that.

    These levels also get blurred by certain brand's models which either under perform or present one heck of a good value. Don't forget I started by saying "in my mind". And, you asked.

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