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    Bedroom HT tale......Thoughts on Polk?

    Well my penchant for trolling thrift stores and CL has lead to a complete turnover in my MBR HT set-up. Previously I was using 2 pairs of Minimus 7's as the fronts and rears along with a Bose VCS-10 center channel and low cost Sony sub. It worked surprisingly well for the size of the room and had a very high WAF because of the almost "cube-like" nature of the Minimus 7's.

    About a month ago I find a pair of Polk RT15's for $10 and was impressed with their sound. I decided to make them the front's in the MBR HT. My luck continues and I find a Polk CSi3 center channel for $30 and out goes the Bose. So of course I can't have an all Polk front so I score a pair of Polk RT150's for another $30 of off E-Bay (essentially the same as a RT15 but with a rear port instead of a front) and now I think I am set. However having the wandering audio eye that I do I end up finding a pair of Polk RTi38's on CL for $75 and brought them home yesterday. The Sony sub will have to go but so far I am very impressed with the Polks and consider it a definite upgrade. I put the Bose on CL here and looks like I will be selling it pretty soon so my total cash outlay is going to be very minimal.

    All in all I'd say 2010 is getting off to a pretty good start......
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    I have a pair of r15's which I use as rears in my HT. $10 is a giveaway price for those.

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    I also have a few Polks in the house. 4 RT25i and CS245i in the MBR; 2 RT15i (rear) and CSi40 in the basement.

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