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    Any TiVo users?? A few questions inside.....

    I loved my TiVo.......

    I Miss my TiVo......

    I want it back!!

    When i upgraded to an HD TV, of course, i had to get rid of my TiVo (it was only SD).... So now im stuck with a Verizon S*** box! I've gotten used to it, but its still not TiVo... and since i'll be getting my new pad soon, all upgrades are in order, so here are my questions to my TiVo users and Gurus.....

    What's the difference between the TiVo HD & HD XL?? much more than just storage (which is expandable), and the THX (is it worth the XL purchase?)?

    I've kind-a grown to enjoy the On-Demand options of FiOs, is this only available with the FiOs box, or can i still get the OD features with just a Cable Card in a TiVo? (i've asked both TiVo and FiOs people, and they've given me different answers, so i figure i'd ask some non-biased peoples)

    Anything else i should be aware of for this upgrade that you current TiVo owners care to share??

    Thanks for all your input in advance!

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    I changed to Vderizon FIOS from DirecTV-TiVo about a year ago. My wiife did not like the Verizon DVR so I bought a TiVo unikt from and a CableCard from Verizon. All is well now. I don't miss the VideoOnDemand from Verizon because I can get the same thing with the TiVo box through NetFlix, Amazon, etc.


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