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    Onkyo tx-nr 901??

    anyone had one of these before

    i found one for 550 bucks

    is this a good deal

    and is it a good receiver?

    thanks guys!

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    it's a good receiver, a bit dated but good sound quality and a ethernet connection (internet radio) but for $550.00 you could buy the Onkyo TXSR-607 and get alot more up-to-date features

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    I had the 898 which was just a step below the 901 I still have it in my upstairs system. I now have the 905. The Onkyo big boys are excellent receivers and pretty damn bullet proof. I find them easy to set up and calibrate and the manuals and remotes are top notch. I've owned 3 used models over the years and all have stood the test of time. A little hot but no matter what enclosure I've used none has ever crapped out on me. I think the price for so old a model is a bit "high" but if it sits you might get it cheaper. Used prices on Ebay and as a guide.

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