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    Out of Synch audio

    Have noticed on my relatively new Sonia Bravia 46 inch HDTV much higher than normal occurrences of out-of-synch audio. Am using an HDMI cable from a Yamaha HT receiver. Sometimes out-of-sync is really bad when watching TV using the TV volume and having the receiver off. Situation improves somewhat when I turn the receiver on and switch to the external speakers, but the synch still isn't right.

    Am running the TV cable line from the cable box into the receiver, then out to the TV via the HDMI.

    Don't have any synch problems when using the dvd, running video from dvd to the TV and audio from dvd to the Yamaha. Have I missed something here?

    thanks, Bill
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    My HT receiver has an adjustment for that. Doesn't the Yamaha have any adjustments in the setup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyfi
    My HT receiver has an adjustment for that. Doesn't the Yamaha have any adjustments in the setup?
    It should. Most all HDMI based receivers should have it. It is built in to the HDMI spec.

    Bubs type individual, how long in the HDMI cable? Is the run from your cable box to your receiver HDMI as well? Or is in component?
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    I have a sony STR-DG720 receiver and a insignia LCD 46", I can't get the lip sync to work. after reading this Im wondering if I have a cable issue. From the receiver to the TV the HDMI cable is 8' and from the Blue ray and sat box to receiver the HDMI are 4'. Could this be the problem?
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