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    just thinking about my most reliable HT component

    While pouring my buddy a shot tonight I noticed my old Toshiba remote. The remote which controls my 1998 DVD player. Wow, what a tough player. My wife uses it for fitness videos and my kids pound it with still delivers some 13 years later.

    Yeah, the remote is huge and the player is noisy, but that one component got me into HT way back when. Now i'm wondering if i should cherish it or slam dunk it for all the money i've spent on this hobby since.

    Anyone have a favorite - lasting component in this so called hobby/obsession?

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    There's people who claim Toshiba isn't quality but I have a player from the same era that's still going strong.

    We're talking HT here......, I've upgraded before I've seen the longevity of most pieces. My best lasting pieces have been TV's. I bought a Pioneer RPTV back in the 90's I used, sold it to my brother-in-law and they are still using it. My daughter is using a 20" JVC tube TV in her room we have some years on. Oh, I won an Infinity sub back around 1990 or so, I gave it to my brother, he blew the woofer but replaced it, I eventually got it back from him, I used it for a few years in my second system and recently gave it to a friend for his HT set up. How has that amp lasted that long? It's not digital. I had an expensive Velodyne that I don't think made it 5 years. Not to rag on all digital amps but I'm beginning to wonder about some of these modules they are calling amps these days for subs. So some of the more expensive subs with discrete amps may be a better investment. He says that using a SVS with digital amp. If this one let's me down you better bet it will be traditional amps there aft.

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    Interesting question. I had an ole Denon Carousel progressive scan DVD player that I bought used off the bay that did yoeman's service from the day it arrived until the Oppo arrived. My first and only piece of Denon equipment.


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    Most reliable component? Hmmm. Everything works fine. I consider myself very lucky. It doesn't hurt that I'm usually upgrading something every 6 months to a year, so nothing really stays around long enough to break down on me.
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    Not sure if this counts, but I’d say my old speaker drivers. In 1978 I built a set of speakers. In 2003 we had flooding in our basement and the enclosures were destroyed. I built new boxes and those same drivers are still at work in my basement system.
    If speakers don’t count, then it’s my old Pioneer receiver from the late 80’s. It’s only rated 80 watts for 8 ohm speakers but has been driving 4 ohm speakers from day one. Still works great.
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    I like this thought provoking question. Especially in this age of incessant consumerism. I looked around and found the most substantial piece to be my 31 inch TV (Magnavox made by Philips) from the early 90's. It is the last of 2 CRT tube TVs in the house and what makes this one special are the hang-on speakers on its sides. These speakers are basically small bookshelf (or large desktop computer) speakers and really put out ... so satisfying that I almost wish I smoked. Modern TVs simply don't have that kind of depth since it seems everyone is expected to connect their display devices to an HT or soundbar set-up. I'm not knocking that since having better speakers in HDTVs would drive up the costs even more, but can we at least get past tinny?

    Thanks for the question because it will make me appreciate the various components that are still in use. It's all about utility and enjoyment - so enjoy your stuff everyone!!

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    MY pronto universal remote.
    Cost 500 bucks in 03", still going strong, and the Pronto-edit software works in windows
    I get a new component, its pretty much seamless, the buttons stay in the same place,
    no learning a new layout, and after seven years the remote is like its grafted onto my hand, only one I HAVE.
    The battery still lasts three or four days.
    Gonna have a funeral when this soldier kicks the bucket.
    BUT basically that is why you buy quality stuff, so you dont have to buy it again and again.
    The few times I bought crap( Sony receiver) I regretted it.
    My eight year old panny DVD\DVD-AUDIO, still great, all of my B&W speakers, except
    a sub a friend tore up.
    Buying quality is a savings in the long run, both in time, money, and agravation.
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    Not an audio thingy, but I have a 12 inch Galaxy fan that I bought in 1974. It stopped working once but I fixed it; a loose wire came off and I soldered it. Still works great today.

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