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    Which Blue-Ray player is better: Onkyo DVBD507 or Sony BDP S560?

    Can anybody tell me which is a better blue-ray player: the Onkyo DVBD507 or the Sony BDP S560 in terms of picture and sound quality and reliability, etc? Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    The Sony.
    Onkyo outsources players, if I HEARD CORRECTLY.
    You might get a rebadged oppo.
    Or a Funai.
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    I would offer that neither is better than the other on the basic features. The determing factor would be what equipment are you going to be using them with. Is it HDMI based, I would say neither has an advantage, both are very good. If I was using component video and audio analog outputs, then you would have to look at both on YOUR display (and audio system) to see how well each does in that area. Not all are created equal on the analog side.
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