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    Deal Alert....Emotiva DMC-1 AV Processor - $375

    On the DC Criagslist, this guy is selling a 2-3 year old Emotiva DMC-1 AV Processor for $375. Only problem is that it does not have HDMI but just component/composite. I'd pick it up (it was $1500 3 years ago), but my projector just supports HDMI. I thought that someone else could use it.

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    Emotiva DMC-1 AV Processor - $375 (Burke, VA)
    Date: 2010-01-03, 8:46PM EST
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    For sale is an excellent condition DMC-1 from Emotiva. The retail price on this pre/pro was $1,499 new. It still has 2.5 years of transferable warranty remaining. I'm selling because I'm going back to all in one AV Receiver. Price is pretty firm since it looks like new. The double box, instructions manual, and remote control are all included. The remote control alone costs over $100.

    I will also consider trading for a high end Denon or Onkyo receiver.... Some examples of the models are Denon 2807, 3805, 3806, 3808, 4308, 4310, Onkyo 805, 806, 807, 707 etc.... I'm not interested in the lower end models.

    I will only respond to emails with a contact phone number so if you are serious, please leave a number for me to call you back. This will be a local sale with cash only. SCAMMERS, please don't bother.... Thanks for looking.

    Here is a link for more information on this processor:
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    Sorry but its not that much of a "deal".
    I just got rid of a 1200$ receiver , only five years old, because it only had component
    switching. I gave it to my brother.
    HDMI is just light years ahead , if for no other reason that its direct, straight digital,
    simplifies your system, and can carry control signals, eliminates an audio cable, etc.
    Truth is, unless you're building an audio only system the Emotiva is not really that much of a "bargain".
    Thats not an indication of its quality, just an indication of how much better HDMI
    is as a connection source.
    Bypass the video switching? YEAH, i did that for awhile, but having video switching back in my system makes me realize just how much I missed it.
    Life is so much easier with it, and did I MENTION THE picture through HDMI?
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