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  1. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Bad Brains v. Dead Kennedys
  2. Music trivia: Warning. This could be a tough one.
  3. Could use a favor-looking for a CD
  4. Rainy Day Music
  5. Best of R.E.M. - I.R.S. or Warner Bros????
  6. Guess where I'll be Weds. July 14th?
  7. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Alice In Chains v. Mother Love Bone/Pearl Jam
  8. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Sonic Youth v. My Bloody Valentine
  9. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Flaming Lips v. Pavement
  10. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: White Stripes v. The Strokes
  11. I need some good jokes and here's one for you...
  12. Simple Minds
  13. Swimming against the tide, a new comp.....
  14. Troy's Garage Band Disc: Review
  15. Funny website:
  16. IZZ fans - a couple of sound clips from forthcoming album, "Ampersand"...
  17. Five For Fighting: The Battle For Everything
  18. Don't we all love Emitt Rhodes?
  19. Music to do your taxes to
  20. The Vines: Winning Days (review)
  21. A great old time classic revisited
  22. 13 Reasons to Give Ringo Some Respect
  23. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Massive Attack v. Tricky
  24. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Bjork v. Portishead
  25. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Marvin Gaye v. Sly & The Family Stone
  26. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: James Brown v. Curtis Mayfield
  27. New Clapton CD???
  28. You can find just about anything on Ebay
  29. Garage Band -- Troy question
  30. Tenacious D!!!!
  31. DTS DVD Audio recordings - any good?
  32. It's Tuesday....what's spinning?
  33. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Outkast v. Eminem
  34. Coheed & Cambria/In Keeping Secrets Of...
  35. Is it possible to search the archives here?
  36. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Judas Priest v. Slayer
  37. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Yes v. Frank Zappa
  38. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Paul McCartney v. George Harrison
  39. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: John Lennon v. Ringo Starr
  40. Examples of jam bands?
  41. Looking for Filter remixes.
  42. My sickness continues
  43. This Tainted Life
  44. Soul Galore....
  45. DVD-Audio/SACD rentals?
  46. Chip, Skewiff - You guys familiar with Joss Stone?
  47. Long Live The Slackers!
  48. Wilco's Jeff Tweedy puts himself in rehab...
  49. The peopled all gathered around the radio OR The best artist of the 90s
  50. Paging Stone & EX-Lion Tamer
  51. for the fans
  52. Jethro Tull/Stormwatch remaster
  53. Quick: Name your favorite rock vocalists
  54. ELO vs. Paul McCartney
  55. The Bigger Better Subwoofer
  56. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: The Who v. Rolling Stones
  57. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: The Beatles v. The Kinks
  58. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: The Doors v. Queen
  59. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Bruce Springsteen v. Elvis Costello
  60. um. Finch, Slosh, M.R.,.. umm Beatles fans..
  61. Quick: Name 10 albums that you are really loving these days
  62. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Psychedelic Furs v. The Smiths
  63. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Blur v. Stone Roses
  64. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: U2 v. Echo & The Bunnymen
  65. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Sex Pistols v. Minor Threat/Fugazi
  66. The Sickness
  67. allears' Wintery Mix comp - who does this song?
  68. Paging Davey: Wonderfalls gets canceled.
  69. paging Troy re; Garage Band stuff
  70. So, are we not doing the Tuesday thingy?
  71. A "tweak" that works wonders
  72. Comp with songs in concert order?
  73. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Nirvana v. Screaming Trees
  74. One word about Bob Dylan doing Victoria's Secret commercials
  75. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Meat Puppets v. Jane's Addiction
  76. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Sunny Day Real Estate v. Guided By Voices
  77. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: The Shins v. My Morning Jacket
  78. Three days of great music...
  79. Yo, Jar.
  80. Experiment for a future tournament
  81. New trading idea?
  82. Don't ya hate it when yer own thread gets only a few more views than "Please Ignore"?
  83. March Music Madness, FINAL: Talking Heads vs. Wilco
  84. please ignore.
  85. Favorite TV shows
  86. Back to the year ????
  87. Toots and the Maytals
  88. spent some dough yesterday
  89. Pixies fans.
  90. Themed mixes.
  91. The Good, The Bad, and The Spiders From Mars
  92. Friday night music & diatribe
  93. Interesting Artist(s) this week
  94. Speaking of SF Sorrow...truth walks in sleepy shadows
  95. (OT) 3- or 4-day Vacation Spots
  96. March Music Madness: AC/DC vs. Talking Heads
  97. WARNING: This Game Is Digital Crack
  98. Rediscovering comps you had forgotten about
  99. Favorite Metal Band?
  100. Anybody watch South Park last night? (Extremely OT)
  101. So, Neil Peart called me the other day...
  102. March Music Madness: Yes vs. Wilco
  103. Has anyone seen The Polyphonic Spree?
  104. OT: Dawn of the Dead
  105. Nice Neil Young Comp Set from mad rhetorik
  106. Info on March Music Madness:
  107. thanks FP and Nobody & other stuff.
  108. March Music Madness: Bob Marley vs. Talking Heads
  109. Off topic: Life sucks, and: Many thanks guys and gals...
  110. DVD audio ripper
  111. Is that...a crack? A crack in the shell?
  112. Beulah announces new tour dates....
  113. The storm comes, or is it just another shower?
  114. Tuesday Toonage
  115. Lollapalozza lookin' good...
  116. I listened to this CD last week:
  117. When life hands you lemons...
  118. To BowiE or not to BowiE. What would you do?
  119. My GarageBand music
  120. A documentary to check out.
  121. Best live song intro's..
  122. meets, hits it off, makes friends... and is never seen again
  123. March Music Madness: AC/DC vs. Prince
  124. What kind of music does Prez Bush listen to?
  125. Speaking of Zep, have you seen Plant lately???
  126. Thanks DPM!
  127. former Ravereccers whose contributions are missed
  128. Anyone want this DVD?
  129. King Crimson:Absent Lovers- Don't hate me but...
  130. DVD-A she says kicking and screaming
  131. Who Will Be The Millinium's equivalent to Led Zeppelin?
  132. Go KU!
  133. DaveG, DarrenH and other Prog Lovers
  134. The Libertines rock!
  135. Music in the movies
  136. Friday shopping spree
  137. Dream Theater Opens For Self but Blows Away Opening Act
  138. Kind of bad ebay experience
  139. Burning: 2-disc Neil Young comp
  140. Anybody heard that Stoney year end comp?
  141. wanna get lost in electronic music genre hell?
  142. Goldwave and editing digital files from vinyl (pop/click removal)
  143. Rock & Roll Immortals
  144. March Music Madness: Wilco vs. The Flaming Lips
  145. Chain: Reconstruct.....Rules!!...
  146. Unfair Hype?
  147. 50 Foot Wave
  148. Avril Lavigne did a gig here yesterday in a mall
  149. Elf Pee sent me a yummy basket of goodies!
  150. Hey Demetrio I got your package!
  151. Hey, DaveGee- have you heard the new UFO, yet?
  152. Sxsw
  153. Drum solo
  154. NEW MODEL ARMY - Great Expectations: The Singles Collection
  155. Another Tuesday morning
  156. March Music Madness: Yes vs. Fleetwood Mac
  157. Here's a way to easily make labels for your CD-Rs
  158. good sounding SACD/DVD Audio - rock, classic rock, country???
  159. Dream Theatre. Wank, wank, wank.
  160. For Jethro Tull FANATICS only: (Darren!!!)
  161. Overlooked Classics
  162. Off Topic: New Papa in the house!
  163. Fa
  164. OT: Cookout Saturday
  165. MP3 disc of past Rave Rec comps
  166. Need help from the computer geeks here please
  167. So much music. So little time.
  168. I need a good Carmina Burana recording.
  169. Friday's Comp of the Week
  170. 3 way scrap in the alley way...
  171. The Who
  172. The 5 Minute Guide to the Best New Bands of 04
  173. The good Reverend finally comes to my town
  174. OK, David Beat Golaith today (or The little man vs. BIG OIL) (wayyy OT)
  175. Welp, here's another comp you don't want.
  176. The Doors - Hype or killer band?
  177. March Music Madness: Prince vs. Bjork
  178. Bevis Frond?
  179. I'd like to try something different on the board...
  180. Canadiens, hockey "fans", you'll enjoy this (toff opic).
  181. Delicious Agony internet radio
  182. Tony Levin- an observation
  183. Samuel Barber's Adagio
  184. Cover Compilation
  185. Rubbing my Jesus Lizard nub
  186. Who Will Save Rock?
  187. Anyone here play?
  188. Musica para Martes
  189. Music related dog names
  190. Disappointing weekend purchases
  191. Comps circa 1972-3 on call..
  192. My current internal braintune is...
  193. March Music Madness: AC/DC VS. CREAM
  194. bizarre download sites
  195. The Muse -- any fans?
  196. Ok, it's bad enough when computers make music...
  197. Devics - Stars at Saint Andrea?
  198. King Crimson:Larks//Red remastered (where have I been?)
  199. White Stripes LP Elephant
  200. "I came to see you up there in Intensive Care..."
  201. Do Musicians Need Record Companies?
  202. Time Out New York Music Recap
  203. Mojave 3?
  204. Paging PatD and other classical gurus
  205. It ain't the meat, it's the motion
  206. Johnny Ramone article in the Washington Times
  207. Review Request for: Trans Am - Liberation
  208. Hey, DaveGee...
  209. Who's your favorite rhythm section?
  210. Jack White verdict.
  211. March Music Madness: Bob Marley vs. Bob Dylan
  212. Grandaddy and Fire Theft (former Sunny Day Real Estate) touring together..
  213. Tug, Samples question for you
  214. Fun in the Sun/Quixotic
  215. Plasma TV Enthusiastes Anyone (OFF TOPIC)
  216. Franz Ferdinand
  217. Got KC's Power To Believe in da mail yesterday; listened to it three times so far
  218. WOW!~WOW!~WOW!...Sun Kil Moon
  219. American Music Club's MERCURY
  220. Prog Attack IV is ready.
  221. Porcupine Tree fans read this.
  222. Mars Volta???????????
  223. Holy Roller Novocaine and a new season of The Shield
  224. New Toy = New Comp
  225. CRSv3squared Update
  226. Tiny Tim Tuesday Thread
  227. Unlikely alliances.
  228. Paging Audiobill
  229. My 4-year-old son loves They Might Be Giants
  230. More Air than Air
  231. Blue Man Group DVD
  232. March Music Madness: Yo La Tengo vs. Fleetwood Mac
  233. Please ignore this post (no poll attached)
  234. Do you ever wonder about the motivation behind a song?
  235. Hey Troy! Kraftwerk is playing the Warfeld!
  236. Aging Rockers Shouldn't Wear Leather Pants
  237. And the surrounding mountains.....
  238. Yes remasters: Atlantic -v- Rhino reissues
  239. Songs That You Were Turned On To Because of a Commercial
  240. New Music Purchased -- Have You Heard These?
  241. Yes: Drama (extended remaster)
  242. The Cure -- Recommendations Please
  243. Live review: Undertones headline Irish Rock Nite
  244. Has anyone seen (or heard) the Ford promo using Peter Gabriel's music?
  245. King Crimson: Three Of A Perfect Pair (remaster)
  246. Paging Hyfi/ Many Skins comp// to whom it may concern
  247. Friday - Song of the Day
  248. March Music Madness: Talking Heads vs. Radiohead
  249. Most Recent CD Purchased??.....
  250. Vinyl Finds Today