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  1. It's Fathers Day! Get a beer in one hand and a...
  2. A new (sort) Pro-Ject Debut III on the way!
  3. Hey kids! It's Polka Time!
  4. CD Storage
  5. What software for Slim Cases?
  6. Are there any Langhorn Slim fans here
  7. SpeakerCraft
  8. The Turntable saga continues.
  9. An Elvis Costello show I really didn't see...
  10. Review: The National, Modest Mouse, REM
  11. hello
  12. The Ten Most Annoying Singers
  13. Speaking of Dance, you'll never guess who's back.....
  14. Have the new Steve Winwood yet, if not you should give it a listen
  15. Anyone used this source of DVD-A MC recordings?
  16. John Petrucci on his equipment
  17. Looks like my work is cut out for me.
  18. Half Gone with the new Shearwater
  19. How about them Red Wings?
  20. Did we just experience a software change?
  21. My Morning Commute Song du Jour
  22. The spoile of victory.
  23. Bo Diddley
  24. Return To Forever on tour
  25. Cardinal flies under the radar?
  26. Black Hole Sun now this is whacked
  27. The exact moment I became a fanboy
  28. Of Montreal
  29. Very Cool Mp3
  30. Thoughts on Phideaux?
  31. 25 Years ago today....
  32. Revisiting R.E.M.
  33. Do I have to disown this friend?
  34. Emerald City is incredible
  35. The newest addition to my desert island list
  36. Check out this amazing new female vocalist.
  37. Disaster - Please Help!!
  38. Josh Ritter is opening for Blue Rodeo
  39. Anyone else like Atreyu?
  40. Swish's vinyl saga continues.
  41. RIP John Rutsey
  42. Madonna - Hard Candy
  43. Neil Young
  44. A very musical Saturday night.
  45. Best Selling Albums in the US.
  46. The new Narrow Stairs thread.
  47. Hope springs a colonel.
  48. Vinyl to cd - what is the process again?
  49. Who guaranteed that I'd like the Augie March disk?
  50. I'll have the Cabernet Sauvignon please.
  51. Dream Theater - Greatest Hit
  52. The Pro-Ject turntable is officially mine.
  53. What's your favorite Sousa tune?
  54. The Sound of Things to Come
  55. K.D. Lang Concert - Streamed
  56. R. Kelly finally goes to trial.
  57. This sets a new record, I think.
  58. Opinions on the Pro-Ject Debut III turntable?
  59. Prog a la Nigel Tufnel
  60. Ok all you vinyl heads...
  61. The best songs that no-one has heard
  62. I'm a virgin.
  63. Kelly Joe Phelps
  64. NIN - The slip
  65. A new toy for my listening room
  66. Hey noddin0ff!!!!
  67. Tom Waits press conference on new tour
  68. The National live: my review
  69. Seeing The National tonight to no hockey.
  70. Audioslave, Velvet Revolver = Hybrid Failure?
  71. Is satellite radio worth it?
  72. The latest Year End Comp on Record? 2007
  73. Flyers are now up 3 games to 1. Woo hoo!
  74. What goes around comes around
  75. Virgin Festival 2008 in Baltimore.
  76. Hey Finchy
  77. News Flash: Flyers whup Montreal!
  78. He shoots...he scores! Hey J...
  79. 'The Partisan' appreciation
  80. News Flash: Flyers get screwed in Montreal.
  81. How many RR comps do you have?
  82. Hey GM...
  83. Any New York CIty members: Need your HELP!
  84. Hey Swish...
  85. Night Vision - the book
  86. Hey, speaking of Portishead...
  87. So, how's the new live Rush live double live CD?
  88. Duffy
  89. OMG....Video fun of the day.
  90. Paul K. an the Weathermen
  91. Andrew Bird vs. Luke Doucet
  92. Mirah and Spectratone International present 'Share This Space'
  93. Los Zafiros - Y Sabes Bien
  94. CRSV thread v4
  95. Sounds Good!
  96. Bluegrass recs?
  97. Badmotorfinger
  98. Ok, I'll ramble about PT and the letter 'R'
  99. Who left the door open?
  100. Alternative Tentacles' Muxtape is...
  101. I been listen to new and old stuff
  102. What are you doing on Record Store Day?
  103. Gee...1 member and 17 guests on here.
  104. Spoon live - Swish meets the band. Really.
  105. Worst Album Covers
  106. One man bands
  107. Anyone have Deadsoul Tribe?
  108. Porcupine Tree XM radio up on YouTube
  109. Modern anti-war songs
  110. The classics
  111. I hate Country and Rap!!!
  112. Hey Swish
  113. The evolution of dance...
  114. Pregame toonage, or how to make this thread relevant
  115. Radiohead, Wilco, and a lot more at Lollapalooza this year
  116. Pagan 3-LB
  117. Just wanted to remind everybody . . .
  118. Your Music Collection...
  119. New listens
  120. How many albums does it take you to "catch on" to something new?
  121. I can scratch one more 'must see' from my list.
  122. When music heros jump the shark
  123. Dream Theater does Classic Albums Live?
  124. I knew this would happen!
  125. Who should headline?
  126. Is there a RR Chicago/Evanston contingent?
  127. CRSvWhatever
  128. I saw Victor Wooten last night
  129. Okay, Swishy, just for you...
  130. Hey, this new R.E.M. album. . .
  131. Anyone here own a copy of Jazz at the Pawnshop?
  132. I can scratch one more 'must see' from my list.
  133. Musical Jeopardy: The Mystery Disc
  134. Authentic Bottle Conditioned Ale
  135. Contact info for 4 MEN WITH BEARDS?
  136. Emo-Mexican Quadrophenia double lp in 2018?
  137. War against Web tops music biz "screw-ups" list
  138. Won't they ever give up!?!?!?!?
  139. Pagan Slosh
  140. Make me a mixtape!
  141. Song of the Wednesday ...
  142. Tohuvabohu
  143. Devotchka: A Mad & Faithful Telling
  144. Dave G still around?
  145. 3 disc comp available
  146. I heard they suck live!!
  147. Need suggestions for a Porcupine Tree comp
  148. FA needs to hear...
  149. Come on you guys, no one thinks Crow joining Fleetwood Mac is news?
  150. What can you tell me about Sieges Even?
  151. Carbon/Silicon aka new Mick Jones. Anyone else?
  152. Springsteen Favorite Top Three Songs.
  153. Hey Alt-Country Jingley-Jangley Peeps...
  154. I never thought this day would come, but...
  155. Interesting listenings
  156. Anyone have a good line on Latin American LPs?
  157. The Constantines
  158. You have to luv Ticket Master.
  159. Airbourne
  160. Hey Swish!
  161. When life informs art...
  162. Muse
  163. Lightbulb Sun, remastered.
  164. Good Mono Vs download.
  165. Do any of you Southerners want to adopt me?
  166. Name your Top 5 bands of the 21st Century.
  167. Anyone getting the new RPWL?
  168. Video of a soldier throwing a puppy off a cliff
  169. This is kind of cool...
  170. A visit with The Honeydogs
  171. Spoon is coming to Philly April 10th...
  172. Remember when..
  173. Big Sam's Funky Nation
  174. In all my years of buying CDs...
  175. RIP Jeff Healey
  176. No Action
  177. Record show's are gettin' more crowded these days...
  178. So....anybody live near Austin?
  179. Wilco on SNL this week.
  180. Songs That Get Your Blood Boiling
  181. I just went to my first symphony
  182. for Troy (and other fans of bizarre americana)
  183. Essential bop jazz recordings
  184. Whatever happened to The Notwist?
  185. It's "download an under-appreciated artist day" in Tunesville!
  186. From the "I'll believe it when I see it" category...
  187. Music clubs in Vegas?
  188. Wilco Live in Philly - A Review
  189. The Master has raised the bar.
  190. Rave recordings??-well at least pretty good...
  191. Opeth - Still Life
  192. It's official...I love Josh Ritter
  193. Dark side of the moon
  194. wilco, Wilco, WILCO!!!
  195. Any thoughts on Coheed & Cambria?
  196. ACL Schedule
  197. Toonsday Tuesday in Tunesville ... and Bless You
  198. Couple new CD's on the way, any thoughts?
  199. Prog/Metal, and either or, should check out Pathosray
  200. Classical concerts on DVD?
  201. The Next Great Indie Single...
  202. What are you guys looking forward to for upcomming releases?
  203. ISO Overplayed Symphonie Fantastique
  204. Do You Like Rock Music? (BSP)
  205. Coheed and Cambria opening for Linkin Park?
  206. What a... RUSH!
  207. Is there a 12-step program for CD addicts?
  208. What ever happened to the Power Ballad?
  209. Many thanks, bobsticks. Check this out, folks.
  210. For Rave Wreckers who don't visit the Off Topic forum...
  211. 2007 recording quality inferior to that of 1956??
  212. Adios amigos and amigas.
  213. ayreon 010010110
  214. Thread in which to post your fave 3 minute, 16 second song.
  215. Classical music recommendations?
  216. Back to the 80s with 16 Lovers Lane ... very very nice
  217. Holy crap! Going to see Wilco after all.
  218. Thanks to Raving Davey
  219. The Plucking Song
  220. Hey FA (or anyone really)...Beardfish on Youtube
  221. Hackett - Metamorpheus
  222. This place need life. Joke time!
  223. Cowboy Junkies
  224. getting lp's to australia
  225. Anyone heard Tiles?
  226. Spun All Four Hem CDs Today...
  227. R.E.M. New album, new tour
  228. Speaking of little girls & organs...
  229. Sugar Mountain, Candy Mountain...
  230. Carry On Wayward little girl
  231. adcom gfa 7805 advice
  232. Anybody check out new Malkmus, Black Mountain, Ladyhawk, etc.
  233. Dream Theater's Australia debacle explained (YT)
  234. Amy's back in rehab...
  235. Pretty humorous Flower Kings review
  236. Medeski, Martin & Wood : Let's Go Everywhere
  237. Just got tickets for Mountain and Room Full of Blues
  238. HyFi - Empty Your Mail Box...
  239. Robin Trower - Jack Bruce
  240. Radiohead the new Coldplay?
  241. I'm going to see Al Stewart!
  242. Anyone ever check out...
  243. The internet wins again!
  244. Any Kraftwerk fans?
  245. 5 CDS for 2007
  246. the Killers have a new album out...sorta
  247. Finally de herbs come around...
  248. OT- Conference Championships / pick'em
  249. Estradasphere
  250. Any Crack The Sky fans here?