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    Cool Best live song intro's..

    I know this as obscure idea but I love to see/hear how songs are introduced or started live. It can set the whole tone for a song or a perfomance... Here're some of my fave's.

    1. Jimi at Monterey -"Like a Roling Stone". I love the banter the absolute marvelous vocal urgings to 'get on it". Masterful.

    2. Jackson Brown - "Running on Empty". The dead silence of the hall, the cries from the audience untill finally some guy hollars out "play what you want". I loved it.

    3. Sly and the Family Stone - "Higher/Music Lover". Let's face it this was the moment from Woodstock. Still gives me goosebumps.

    May add more later as I look thrugh stuff.

    Da Worfster.

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    Steve Hunter made Lou Reed a Rock n Roll Animal with his intro for Sweet Jane.

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    "Now here he is to kick your ass.....The Pat Travers Band!"

    Not sure if this fits the puzzle but it's what came to mind.

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    Bill Withers, from Live at Carnegie Hall -- his introduction to "Lean On Me" comes to mind. Whole bunch of good introductions on that album...
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    Lightbulb A few I can recall..

    The banter between the tracks on The Who's Live At Leeds come to mind. Some hilarious bits of dialogue between Townshend and Moon on there. Pete: "I've been told that (Mose Allison) was a 'jazz sage'...I'm not sure what that means but.." Keith: "..flavored chicken?"

    "It's time to...kick out the jams muthaf--kas!" -Rob Tyner, from The MC5's live album of the same name.

    "I thought you said 'Free Bird.'" -Adrian Belew, responding to the audience at King Crimson's Double Trio concert in NYC (represented on Vroom Vroom).

    "This is for all the soldiers fighting in Chicago...Milwaukee....New York...and, oh yes, all the soldiers fighting in Vietnam." -Jimi Hendrix at the Filmore on New Year's Eve, introducing "Machine Gun."

    "London England...consider yourselves....warned!" -Chuck D. of Public Enemy, at the Hammersmith Odeon (this was a bit of live recording on the intro of It Takes A Nation..).

    "Charlie's good, 'innit he?" -Mick Jagger to Charlie Watts on Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!
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    "Rick Wakeman, eat your heart out. Here we go!"

    Dead Kennedys - Short Songs
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    jasn took my pick...Steve Hunter & Dick Wagner put on one of the great 1-2 guitar attacks in rock history on Rock 'n Roll Animal.

    My second favorite:
    All right, are you ready to get down? I said, are you ready for some rock and roll!!! Let's hear it...for J. Geils Band! {opening licks to "First I Look at the Purse"]}
    ~ Live - Full House

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad rhetorik
    "London England...consider yourselves....warned!" -Chuck D. of Public Enemy, at the Hammersmith Odeon (this was a bit of live recording on the intro of It Takes A Nation..).
    That was the first intro that came to my mind, even though it starts off a studio album. Now that is some powerful stuff. But I didn't think it was Chuck D that made that statement; maybe it was Professor Griff.

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    I love the banter between Lou Reed and audience that starts off Velvet Undergrounds "1969" live album with a great version of "Waiting For the Man" following.

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    "Germany.. We're here to rock your pants!"
    -King Buzzo of the Melvins.. (Your Choice Live Series, Melvins Live in 1991)

    "This song goes out to my mommy because I love her"
    -David Yow of the Jesus Lizard (SHOW live album..into to "Pastoral" I think)

    "Scream for me Long Beach!!"
    -Bruce Dickenson, Iron Maiden, LIVE AFTER DEATH

    "Breakin' the what?"
    "Breakin' the WHAT?"
    "Breakin' the WHAT?!?!"
    -Rob Halford, Judas Priest, any performance of "Breakin' the Law"

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    "What song is it you wanna hear ?"
    Freebird - Lynard Skynard

    Here's one for you Jar (if you don't have it check it out)
    "Did anybody bring a hammer ?!?!? HAMMERHEAD !!"
    F**K You EP - Overkill

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    "This is for all the drunks"

    The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, introducing Spirits in the Night off the 1978 Lost in The Promise Land bootleg from San Fran - the definitive Bruce bootleg

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