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  • Sunny Day Real Estate

    4 44.44%
  • Guided By Voices

    5 55.56%
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    Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Sunny Day Real Estate v. Guided By Voices

    Match 1, Indie Rock division: Sunny Day Real Estate v. Guided By Voices

    Vote for your fave! Posts close 4/7.
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    Haven't heard a thing from these two bands. Maybe a song or two on a comp somewhere but not enough to place a vote.

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    This one's really hard. They've both put out some stellar stuff, and also put out some complete dreck. I think I have to vote SDRE, even though they've seemed to turned to crap, especially in their new incarnation, just because I reach for the first three SDRE albums more than any of the GBV stuff, including Bee Thousand.
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    GBV is an easy choice for me.

    I like SDRE just fine, but they're no more and they were never as prolific or as satisfying as GBV for me. As Stone mentioned, The Fire Theft, the new configuration of SDRE, is pretty awful if I can make that claim after hearing their debut cd.

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