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    Talking Anybody watch South Park last night? (Extremely OT)

    Oh man. That was some of the most creatively f'ed-up and wickedly funny TV I've ever seen. I feel kinda sorry for Trey Parker right now; Mel Gibson's lawyers are probably breathing down his neck as we speak.

    I won't even dare describe what happened on the show in detail for fear that I'll get booted from the forum. All I will say is this: Mel Gibson, wearing only his underwear, screaming "Freedom!"

    My sides still hurt. Think I'll go watch it again.
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    Sorry that I missed it, but did you catch the one where...

    the porno tape was switched with Lord of the Rings? I could not believe what they got away with on TV, and Howard Stern gets iced by Clear Channel? It was funny as all hell, but it was really crude too. The show keeps getting better (read: cruder) every year. Cartman still rules!

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    Gosh, I haven't watched South Park since they killed Kenny. Bastards!

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