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  1. 2004 album pool-what have you picked up to choose from?
  2. Pagin' Mason....Heya, Jarman....
  3. Anyone listen to Robyn Hitchcock's "Spooked" yet?
  4. The other day I discovered
  5. Singularity: Between Sunlight and Shadow // a review
  6. David Mead - Indiana
  7. New Yes DVD - Accoustic
  8. hey Mad Rhetorik!
  9. ripping disks
  10. I just discovered a hidden track from 10 years ago!
  11. Doug is dead.
  12. Pre-order your live Incubus DVD and save a bit o' cash.
  13. Return of the rock opera
  14. Exciting New Metheny Group Info
  15. Anyone heard the Futureheads?
  16. I slept through Tuesday...
  17. So, someone sends me a Frank Sinatra disc...
  18. AWESOME 80's Music Photo Site
  19. OT: Team America
  20. Halloween 2004 - Time for a little more
  21. I'm bummed
  22. Pagan Forever Autumn re: Finger Eleven
  23. Future Soundtrack For America.
  24. Holy Sh!t, Decemberists on John McEnroe show (CNBC 10pm tonight)
  25. The next album I wanna buy is ......
  26. Hey...it's time for Friday Song of the Day!
  27. KRS-ONE sides with Al Qaida
  28. Yo, JC, You Making a Halloween '04 Disc This Year?
  29. Troy-labeling slim line cases?
  30. Favorite topics for discussion
  31. Interpol - Live at The Metropolis (Montreal, QC)
  32. OT: Rescue Me
  33. Yessongs
  34. Porcupine Tree
  35. So when did this come out? (New Joseph Arthur)
  36. Question for ericl....alexa toolbar
  37. American Idiot: A Review
  38. Peter Gabriel backed by Slowdive for an experimental doo-wop album
  39. Micro Center sale on comp supplies
  40. Wal-Mart to Record Industry: We sell CDs for less than $10, or else
  41. Live Archive music
  42. Tunesday?
  43. Real Comp Thread
  44. Pagan Jar... (and others of your ilk).
  45. A New List....What Do U thnk??
  46. CRSV for Virtual
  47. Hey, uh, Chip?
  48. Wilco Blow Massey Hall's Lid...
  49. Paging Audiobill
  50. Patience Pays Off (caution: ranting inside)
  51. WOW! I found a whole new world, and went wild
  52. OT: Paging Mr. MidFi
  53. Twilight Singers, She Loves You- 1st Impression
  54. Joan Armatrading
  55. Journey Fans Should Get Red 13
  56. Just scored Kansas tickets at the Keswick
  57. Speaking of Sparklehorse, Mark Linkous produced Nina Persson's new album "A Camp"
  58. Hey Chip, is it true you moved???????????
  59. Paging AudioBill
  60. OT: soundcards
  61. Eff Pea: Comps
  62. What do Porcupine Tree, Vivaldi and Andromeda have in common?
  63. Okay Troy it's official for the Lamb gig
  64. A Thread for the LaBrie Bashers
  65. Dream Theater: Live at Budokan -- finally got to sit and watch
  66. Giant Sand Is All Over The Map
  67. Who wants a Google Mail account?
  68. New Trans-Siberian Orchestra disk
  69. Jeepers Creepers
  70. Hey Mike - Gracias
  71. Hey Troy Designshed dood!
  72. Who can tell me about Jadis?
  73. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum @ The Eye
  74. HUM rocks
  75. Brian Wilson - Smile (all the way to the bank)
  76. New Dream Theater Souvenir
  77. Cardinals take first inning lead...
  78. Very Impressive Recording AERO
  79. Tunesday Confessions
  80. KEXPMF's Comps
  81. Robyn Hitchcock + Gillian Welch + David Rawlings = Spooked
  82. Miles Davis 67-87
  83. Best Pop Song?
  84. any new jazz
  85. OT: Foreverautumn - Please contact me.
  86. I beg to differ (Nomeansno)
  87. Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company
  88. Any differences between Canadian and American Rock?
  89. Ridin' the blueberry boat
  90. Holmes Brothers???
  91. CRSV & RRSV
  92. Devendra Banhart's Nino Rojo
  93. I have returned...............
  94. I went to my first live opera last night!
  95. So what's new and interesting?
  96. Shows I'm going to...
  97. Heard some Joss Stone last night
  98. What would you do if Mom asked for music suggestions?
  99. New Tom Waits release next week
  100. Overplayer / Underplayer
  101. T4F: A Happy Ending
  102. Comp Up For Grabs - come on don't be shy now
  103. Quite a successful splurge at the record store yesterday...
  104. Be wary of the latest Further Seems Forever.
  105. things bin runnin through my head...
  106. Tunesday time again - show us your dirty laundry
  107. Nektar - Evolution
  108. Monkey Gone to Heaven
  109. You know what's sad?
  110. What do I get? Oh, oh, what do I get?
  111. Who's gonna Smile on Tuesday?
  112. CRSv ME - JC
  113. Jim White, Drill a Hole in the Substrate...
  114. Jeanne
  115. Louis Armstrong, what an incredible singer!
  116. New York Times: Judge Settles Long Family Feud Over Jimi Hendrix's Estate
  117. Shopping outside of the comfort zone
  118. Tupelo Honey
  119. Friday Song of the Day?
  120. Man, I hate when work gets in the way of music
  121. What are YOUR modern classics?
  122. Crooked Rain, %
  123. LP's coming back in style.
  124. Shock Horror!
  125. The Legends = Ian Broudie?
  126. Green Day live, free, on the street in downtown NYC
  127. Hey PatD (and all others) Dvorak Symphony no. 9.
  128. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
  129. Funny stuff: Hall Of Douchebags
  130. Action Action (RYIL The Killers, Interpol, The Faint, Depeche Mode)?
  131. So long, RR.
  132. Your favorite CD to test the sound of speakers?
  133. anybody wanna hear some reggae...
  134. New Interpol next week???
  135. OT - Hey Finch, have you bought this book yet?
  136. comp for grabs.. it's a Jar comp.
  137. Tuesday list mania gets going early today
  138. Could someone please explain the %^&*%*& Search function in here?
  139. Not many comps being touted lately in here.
  140. Any DuranDuran fans around here?
  141. Help! All Rave Recs Computer Geeks!
  142. Has anyone heard of Silverstein?
  143. Jeff (JDaniel): y'all okay?
  144. First contact with a real live RR'er-KEXPMF
  145. Borders sale
  146. Favorite album that's been roasted by critics
  147. New Dream Theater DVD In 5.1???
  148. Hey, Chip- are you still with us?
  149. OK guitar players...did I screw up...shoulda asked before I forked out money...
  150. Johnny Ramone dead?
  151. Another one for you prog-metal fans -- Peccatum
  152. Fiery Furnaces Live 9/14/04
  153. How about that new Faint?
  154. Anybody heard Spock's Beard - Feel Euphoria?
  155. YOURS IS NO DISGRACE -- the end of an era ?
  156. Dio: Master of the Moon
  157. Anybody else like that Survivor commercial?
  158. kexodusc: "Dream Theater" talk
  159. Hey it's Tuesday - what u listening to?
  160. NEW MEGADETH!!! The Legend Continues...
  161. What do you play, when you get "Da Blues"?
  162. Stephen Merritt is the greatest lyricist ever...or is he?
  163. Where's all the talk about the Junior Boys?
  164. Goodbye Blue Sky...
  165. Weekend Beer Report
  166. OT:New Florida postcard
  167. I read that P.Tree was to re-issue old releases in August
  168. Weird...it's Industrial 80s/90s all over again in St. Louis the next couple months...
  169. Paging Tug, Or Anyone With His Addy
  170. Anyone in touch with Rae?
  171. expensive floyd???
  172. Who have you seen that's now dead?
  173. Three for One..........I'm ready
  174. What's the deal with Opeth?
  175. hmm, did you guys noticed is tuesday and,,,
  176. OT: Speeding this place up
  177. CD/DVD store recommendations in L.A.
  178. The Ten Most Hated Men In Rock
  179. D.E.P.'s Miss Machine (review)
  180. CRSV-Me
  181. Libertines blow the lid off with s/t second effort
  182. Herson + others curious about DVD-A or SACD.
  183. Attention PORCUPINE TREE fans!!
  184. Apologies
  185. New Luka Bloom
  186. Anybody listening to the very nice new David Kilgour?
  187. Fleetwood Mac (pre Buckingham-Nicks)
  188. Marillion: Marbles
  189. PBS Frontline music industry documentary
  190. Blank CDs on sale at Office Depot.
  191. Chroma Key - Dead air for radio.
  192. Top 10 reasons lurkers don't register.
  193. Pagan Finchy and anyone else who knows The Blank Theory
  194. Some tunes.
  195. Uh, wuttum I sposed to do with this Ryan Adams comp?
  196. New Big Star album in the works
  197. funny.
  198. Tunesday (Aug 31) Musical Confessions of the Week
  199. Sounds Like....
  200. So...y'all know there's a new Bjork album, neh?
  201. Anyone have enough James Gang to make a comp?
  202. Dream Theater Setlist
  203. Local talent is a pleasant surprise!
  204. I have a new crush
  205. Drumroll Please....My Guinea Girls have been named
  206. no-man// a question
  207. So...y'all know there's a new Twilight Singers album, neh?
  208. A case of truth in advertising!
  209. Broken Social Scene to have played their last show?
  210. Lists: 3 That Made Me Smile
  211. New Music....
  212. Where to start with The Flower Kings
  213. Pallas: The Cross & The Crucible//a review
  214. Hey Richmon
  215. The Mooney Suzuki....Hey J, this rawks!
  216. What a difference a band makes
  217. Emmylou, Gillian and Patty Griffin live at the Keswick.
  218. I'm Back!!!!! (warning: long post)
  219. CD's Today Mastered LOUD??
  220. Hey, Davey
  221. OT - Name the Guinea Pigs contest
  222. The Internet Vs. Real Life
  223. Impulse Buy Of The Year?
  224. Cool fun last night
  225. Live Aid DVD: No Led Zep
  226. Ella Guru not Metal Guru
  227. A Smooth Jazz Cd??
  228. What are the 3 worst albums you'll admit to actually buying???
  229. Dave Matthews dumps on his fans?
  230. I like this board...
  231. Music Magazines
  232. The Official Tunesday Spin Cycle
  233. Remnant Three
  234. Burnin' The Wailers
  235. Beebop Deluxe (for Troy)
  236. Gov't Mule.......
  237. HEART -- concert review (brief)
  238. Rush
  239. Is Gov't Mule's 'Dose' copy protected?
  240. Blues on the Mississippi...
  241. Mooney Suzuki: best rock'n'roll rec I've heard this year so far
  242. Anyone around for Sunday Spinning Confessions?
  243. Which Porcupine Tree cd('s) should I get next?
  244. I'd like to teach the world to...
  245. 3 As Good As Any I Own
  246. London Calling's lost sessions: 3-disc Clash set coming soon
  247. West Indian Girl
  248. The Shins
  249. I am looking for Porky Tree; can you help?
  250. 80's-ish Dream Concert