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    Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Psychedelic Furs v. The Smiths

    Match 2 of Brit Pop Mini-Shootout: Psychedelic Furs v. The Smiths

    Polls close 4/9.
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    Now this is a good battle. The Furs first two albums are classic, but then I lost interest. The Smiths on the other hand kept me interested from the beginning of their career through to the end, plus through the first three Morrissey solo albums. Ultimately, The Smiths are a much more substantial band.
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    Psych-Furs! The Smiths were okay (I even saw them live), but I only have an album or two by them, whereas I have everything by the Furs.
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    Were my wife to ever find me voting for anyone other than the Smiths, I would likely wake up missing an appendage.

    I think I'll stick with Morrisey and the boys, even though I just listened to Forever Now last night.

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    The Psychedelic Furs were among the best poppy postpunk bands. The Smiths are one of the most interesting bands I've ever heard, period. The Furs were good at doing stuff that happened to be somewhat similar to what quite a few other people did at the time. Nobody really ever sounded like the Smiths, and their songs were, overall, better, I think.

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    Here we go again J.

    It has to be the Smiths. Sure I liked the Furs, but music history will never be as kind to them as the Smiths. They had more of everything; originality, better songs, more appeal, better musicians. In my mind there's no comparison and thus, no contest.

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