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    I need a good Carmina Burana recording.

    I have a CD of Carmina Burana but the recording is pretty uninspiring. Can anyone give me a name to a well done recording. I only have a CD player, so a tape or record won't do me any good. Thanks.

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    I never really liked Carmina Burana -- as a whole (other than the opening and closing "O Fortuna" sections) -- until I heard this recording:


    ...then, all of a sudden, I "got" it. That would be my recommendation.

    I want to say it's recently been re-released on SACD, but can't seem to find confirming, wait, this just in, it was released on DVD-Audio.
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    Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Shaw conducting, blah blah blah.

    That's what I have and I'm very happy with it.

    There's a slight but forgiving problem. It's only broken down into 4 'parts' meaning there's only 4 separate tracks.

    If that's a problem then seek out other recordings which offer a more comprehensive track selection.

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