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  • Paul McCartney

    9 90.00%
  • George Harrison

    1 10.00%
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    Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Paul McCartney v. George Harrison

    Match 2, Beatles Solo Division: Paul McCartney v. George Harrison

    Polls close 4/14.
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    Wow, I'm shocked by the results of this one!

    I didn't check the poll results until after I cast my vote. I would have guessed that Harrison would have the edge in popularity here at RR. A shutout so far?! Never would have guessed that!

    At first I couldn't decide who I liked better, but ended up selecting Paul because overall his solo music is "funner" than George's.

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    Easy, Paul. George has a higher lifetime batting average, but Paul has more Homers, RBIs, etc. Lots of strikeouts, but who ya gonna remember, Al Oliver or Harmon Killebrew?
    Do I have to spell it out?




    Oh No

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