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    Toots and the Maytals

    Toots was on SNL last night, with the current incarnation of the Maytals and Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. I only saw the first song they performed, which was "Pressure Drop" and I was impressed by the performance given Toots' age and how long he's been performing that tune.

    Toots and the Maytals are out on tour, to coincide with the dropping of their new release, True Love, which is an album of old Maytals songs done as duets. I took a quick glance at the track list at AMG and "Pressure Drop" is performed with Eric Clapton. Eric effin' Clapton??? What a boring and disturbing choice (especially after what EC did to "I Shot the Sheriff"). I'm glad they did make a couple interesting duet choices, like Bootsy Collins on "Funky Kingston," but I doubt I'll end up buying this album, and instead just stick to the original versions.


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    Shoot sorry I missed that...

    I was out giggin. I would've loved to have seen Toot's who is a respected and venerable in his genre as is say... James Brown in Sould and Funk. I've never seen the man live. If he comes up here (Albany et al), which I'm sure he will cause we're the one gig between New York City and Montreal, I'll try and catch him. Thanks for the heads up. As for Eric Clapton, much as I find his guitar style "too laid back for me" I respect the guy for his love of the roots music. I've not seen a recent compliation or tribute to a passed RnB or soul giant that did not contain a contribution of his. He was also at Cutis Mayfields funeral and that spoke volumes to me.


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    I saw them several times in the '80's, they were good but not great, they are better in the studio.

    Reggae got Soul is excellent.


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    Eric Clapton.

    Eric Clapton is to music what SatNiteLive is to comedy.


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