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  • Bob Marley

    7 41.18%
  • Talking Heads

    10 58.82%
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    March Music Madness: Bob Marley vs. Talking Heads

    semi-final match # 4:
    Please vote on your more favorite artist between Bob Marley and Talking Heads.

    Rules are loose with March Music Madness, but the idea is to choose the band (or artist) you enjoy more, rather than which is “greater”, or more influencial, etc.

    thank you.


    Justifying your vote is not required, the event of a tie, winning band will be determined by the voter who posts the best justification (explanation) as to why they like the band they voted for (or why they don't like the other band).

    Status (to vote on another match, select the match # below):
    Previous winners of elimination matches (Yes, Flaming Lips, Wilco, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, AC/DC and Prince) will face off two at a time and winners will move into the “final 4” round.

    semi-final match 1(in progress): Fleetwood Mac (11) makes a strong showing, but Yes (12) leads
    semi-final match 2 (winner declared): Wilco (12) sinks their summer teeth into The Flaming Lips (4)
    semi-final match 3 (in progress): AC/DC (10) holding the edge over Prince (7)
    semi-final match 4 (in progress): Bob Marley vs. Talking Heads
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    Talking Heads because

    I grew up with the Talking Heads (no not literally), but Marley came later in life for me. I aslo respect the "Heads" innovative style and the fact that they embraced so many different styles of music, yet still have a signature sound to call their own.

    Bob Marley is Bob Marley, can't deny his greatness. However musically, you pretty much know what your getting with every album, and his politcal lyrics tend to alienate me after awhile, I mean for a guy who smokes that much ganja, you think he'd lighten up once in awhile!

    P.S.: I forgot to select the option to make this poll public. I tried editing the post to add it back in, but I can't seem to edit the poll. Bummer, I enjoyed seeing who voted for whom. Oh, well, next time...

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    They aren't getting any easier, are they?

    Heads. By a nose. That is all.
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    Talking Heads by a wide margin.

    I certainly like them both, but the musical style of the the Heads suits me much better that Bob's reggae, and they're more representative of the music I grew up with.

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    Well, my avatar should indicate my preference

    I've been trying to change the damn thing but am having problems.

    Oh well.

    I like TH a lot and BMW, but if I had to choose I'd go with BMW.


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