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  • Johnny Cash

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  • Bob Marley

    3 30.00%
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    Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Johnny Cash v. Bob Marley

    Match 2, Singer/Songwriter Division: Johnny Cash v. Bob Marley

    Polls close 4/20.
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    This is also easy. Marley in a big way. Marley was an original, until the day he died. Cash was an original, for the first decade or so his career, then he was pretty much a cover artist (taste-monger) his final few decades. Not that I'm dissing Cash, but I'm not going to give him the grandpa treatment everyone else does. Just wait until the pulp culture puts Willie Nelson on its shoulders and runs him around the field.

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    I respect both men for living their lives and they pleased...

    While Cash was a singer and a player/performer, I'm not sure how much he actually wrote. There are many in CW music that can lay much claim to laying it's foundations as a form of popular music Johnny Cash is one of these people. However he did not personify nor popularize an entire genre, Bob Marley did that. No respect to the dead but I don't feel Johnny Cash contributed as much musically as did Bob Marley. I'm not as informed on CW music as other genres so please take my opinion for what it is... merely an opinion not a pronouncement or a diss...

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