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  1. Boy am I ever pissed off.
  2. Guitar for sale...
  3. Trans Siberian Orch Redux
  4. Pagan nobody.
  5. Stuff shipped and comps made: DP, Mule, etc.
  6. M83 > Sex
  7. E-a-g-l-e-s Eagles!!!!!!!
  8. My top 10 of 2003
  9. OT: Unbelievable picture from Mars!!!
  10. Kill Rhythm is better than caffeine on a Saturday morn!
  11. Hey tentoze, thanks for sending me Tookay Three.
  12. 7:40 est: Anyone watching this Detroit Cobras thing?
  13. Anybody else think The Darkness blows?
  14. The Abbey Road Stinkers
  15. Hey Finch...& anyone who wanted a copy of Ken Hensley
  16. Which new format will replace the CD?
  17. What gizmos do I need to rip my cassettes to hard drive
  18. What's going to happen with albums as we know them?
  19. Got new speakers, what would you play first?
  20. Marshall Crenshaw
  21. A new batch of prog is on the way.
  22. My/Your Morning Jacket
  23. ZTT remasters
  24. Journey to the End of the Night
  25. Gov't Mule
  26. Uriah Heep fans...
  27. Flamenco, anyone?
  28. Hey Finch - Your RHCP Magnet Erased All Songs From The Comp!
  29. Tribute albums are getting out of hand
  30. Finchy's Red Hot Chili Peppers comp
  31. UK Gov't appoints Feargal Sharkey to survey live music industry
  32. Connected bands/artists comp
  33. The famous as crud Tuesday Toonage Thread!
  34. While listening to ROOM ON FIRE it hits me....
  35. Does anyone here collect old components?
  36. Say something dirty! I dare you!
  37. Ray Davies shot
  38. DVD- ELO's Zoom
  39. Happy Birthday Rave Wreckers!!!
  40. Live Performance - The Wailers...
  41. Not another year end comp looking for a home?
  42. Forever Autumn, I have Thin Lizzy for you.
  43. It's KINKY, baby!
  44. OT, Allow me to gloat, LSU, and congratulate, Peckers-Seahawks
  45. OT: Flame Warriors, funny stuff
  46. Attn: Davey, Slosh & JC regarding my burner troubles.
  47. Source tags & codes......
  48. Can this be possibly done?
  49. Another 2003 comp if ya want one...
  50. The Decline of British Sea Power...
  51. Has anyone made a Thin Lizzy comp?
  52. How about that Alex Lifeson...
  53. Laid up at home with the flu...
  54. Crawling out of the indie ghetto....
  55. My top 10 of 2003
  56. Robert Plant's "Sixty Six to Timbuktu"
  57. My first post! Yeah!
  58. Anyone else using the Google toolbar?
  59. Demetrio: Where you been Hanging Out?
  60. Moronic Announcement Above
  61. Combining 2 (or more) album covers.
  62. for the D Plan fans.....
  63. Did anyone get a tracklist for PowerPopGuys July Mystery Comp?
  64. Thanks ForeverAutumn
  65. Happy New Year!
  66. What album(s) was a musical epiphany for you?
  67. Newwwwwbies- come out, come out, wherever you are!
  68. 14 Prog albums worth losing your "indie cred" over
  69. SACD DVD-A Labeling
  70. This site blows on "dialup" connections
  71. Anybody around for a Tuesday thread?
  72. Do you guys get fatter in the winter?
  73. Since there seems to be some movie talk going, howz about Cold Mountain?
  74. Fans of The Shins: I heard them on the Sopranos last night.
  75. Attention all you Tears for Fears fans (you hear me JC?)
  76. Paging nobody....
  77. Is the Flaming Lips 'Yoshimi' disc copy-protected?
  78. OT: The Christmas Haul...
  79. Could a small magnet affect a burned CD?
  80. Best Live Performance of 2003?
  81. For all you guitarists...
  82. The room is full of ozone....
  83. Troubles for Pete Townshend & ex Meat Puppet
  84. Musing on old times-The Pretender
  85. How come number of views doesn't update?
  86. Opinions on Red Hook ESB?
  87. BEST DVD's to show off my NEW/FIRST surround setup?
  88. Can anyone comment on King Crimson's Power To Believe? (nt)
  89. The Darkness: Permission To Land (un-abashed fanboy review)
  90. The Mysterious Sounds of Sloshy
  91. Ah, the gift of recorded sound...
  92. Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas to all my Rave Rec friends.
  93. I'm back . . . with a comp
  94. Santa delivered gifts from F.A., F.P., jasn, MrMidThi, Mike, 10Toze, Davey, Slosh,j70
  95. Holiday weirdness to you all!
  96. Tuesday Spins
  97. 'twas the Tuesday Before Christmas....
  98. DarrenH, nobody and anyone else interested in the Red Hot Chili Pepper comp.
  99. Your 5 favorite female vocalists?
  100. Your 5 favorite female vocalists?
  101. Need help, all you math whizzers.
  102. TOOL fans?
  103. How many albums do you need to sell to be considered a commercial success?
  104. Let me be the first to.....
  105. ipod users out there?
  106. OT: Any sports car fans out there?
  107. Purely Selfish and OT: 100th post
  108. Another one flew under my 2003 radar....
  109. Hey JDaniel, thanks for the holiday toons and
  110. Greetings from Osaka
  111. e-mail update
  112. New post by RPM on the old bored.
  113. Jean Larrivee
  114. Tanglewood Tree
  115. Red Hot Chili Peppers questions
  116. OT: Go see this movie
  117. The Rave Rec'ers are heading to New Orleans!!!
  118. How come there's 33 active users and only 1 poster?
  119. The return of Friday Reviews - Okkervil River kills
  120. Some cd's simply will not komp
  121. Need something to read? 2003 music digest.
  122. What's yer favorite "metal" band?
  123. Falling Through the Cracks
  124. Big Beatle discovery!
  125. What music will you be chilling out to over the holidays?
  126. Have the folks at CMJ been here?
  127. My Evening in Trans-Siberia
  128. Paging Audio Bill. Can you hear me now?
  129. BMG now has SACD hybrids!
  130. What's most important to you when making a compilation?
  131. Ryan Adams: Bizarre & aggressive behavior at Minneapolis gig
  132. Pop quiz!
  133. I hate it when people do this
  134. Jack White assaults rival
  135. Jack Johnson or John Mayer fans?
  136. The ONION's Least Essential Albums of 2003
  137. December Mystery disc wrapped up
  138. Jim Clark's Mystery Disk
  139. Newbie-Friendly Tuesday Weekly Rotation Thread -- What have you been spinning?
  140. Copyright Levies on MP3 Players
  141. Does remastered always mean "better" sound?
  142. How many times can you listen to your favorites?
  143. So, how many input/outputs do you need?
  144. Heard a catchy tune on the weekend
  145. jazz
  146. Attn: Nero users. I could use some help!
  147. Oddest musical collaborations???
  148. I found this while rummaging thru my box of tapes.
  149. My latest haul at the CD shop.
  150. What defines "Christian" rock?
  151. It's a sickness
  152. Heavy Hangers comp now available.
  153. OT: Saddam Hussein Captured!
  154. "Man, that's a big cat."
  155. Anton Fier re-release news
  156. Davey's 2003 disk
  157. Two interesting concerts this week
  158. Buckingham Nicks (a vinyl review)
  159. Powerful review of a recent Neil Morse gig
  160. New Patrick Moraz CD: ESP
  161. Do you buy yourself Christmas presents?
  162. RUSH announces 2004 tour!
  163. Nearfest 2004
  164. Thanks David Bowie, for doing me a favour
  165. Wow, this place barely works today
  166. Jar's 2003 comp
  167. Robert Wyatt's Cuckooland?
  168. Greg Ridley, Bass player for Spooky Tooth, Humble Pie dies
  169. Just pick up RollingStone magazine issue of 500 greatest albums.
  170. Does Aerosmith have just one song, (subtitled, have you ever called a radio station?)
  171. Does anybody have I Robot
  172. CDNow's Preferred Buyers Club
  173. Night Club Owners, Band Manager Charged in Deadly Fire
  174. Does Nine Pair beat a Full Deck?
  175. Pagan Mr. MidFi
  176. I would love one JDaniel
  177. Help! Why can't I see page 2?
  178. I know you are interested in what I listened to last week
  179. New Spock's Beard, er...Neal Morse
  180. Thanks for whoever put me onto Sun Kil Moon
  181. My 1st Certification!..........(OT)
  182. High rez Christmas music? `
  183. The Jethro Tull Christmas Album
  184. Top 5 DVD-A & SACD Recordings out there
  185. I wish I had the Sci-Fi channel!
  186. Paging DLD (and all you other Cowboys fans).
  187. The "post-rock" label
  188. If you were stranded on a desert island....
  189. Best of '03 time
  190. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Gold (live, special edition CD)
  191. What makes a CD sound louder than others?
  192. The Beatles:Let It Be--Naked
  193. The Who:Who's Next (remaster)
  194. Telarc Recordings Suck
  195. JC's Mystery Disc
  196. Christmas Sampler 2K3 (compus offering)
  197. Beer Talk Time!
  198. Flaming Lips ???
  199. Is Linkin' Park that popular?
  200. Ever seen a live band screw up?
  201. Pagan Forever Autumn (and how do you enable the tool bar???)
  202. Joe Strummer's "Street Core"-anyone recomend it?
  203. To Hell In A Hand Basket
  204. So, who's the biggest Grandaddy fan in here?
  205. Kingblind’s Top 5 Worst Records of 2003
  206. I've been watching the Allman Bros.
  207. I saw Robin Williams last night
  208. What band do you have the most stuff of?
  209. What? No Tuesday listening thread yet?
  210. Devo dvd
  211. Dismemberment Plan fans
  212. New Favourite Christmas Song
  213. Year End Comp Offer
  214. Eddie Van Halen's new band...
  215. hardware-demanding music
  216. Wow. U2's 'Go Home- Live From Slane Castle, Ireland' DVD.
  217. Seen any good sales on a CD-R 50-pack?
  218. School of Fish
  219. The Decline Of British Sea Power
  220. Currently Active Users in this Forum: 96 (7 members and 89 guests) ???
  221. Joey Ramone Day
  222. Season's Greetings 2003 (comp talk)
  223. Comps are good, bad, good, bad, good, bad,......
  224. He read her like a book and the first few chapters were a little hard to understand
  225. Attention Porcupine Tree fans.
  226. Latin Jazz? Cubop?
  227. December Mystery Disc?
  228. Question about the threads on this board.
  229. Where is everybody?
  230. Best Red Hot chili Peppers concert...
  231. Another web source for rare vinyl
  232. Macromedia Flash 7 trying to install?
  233. psst
  234. Happy Thanksgiving!
  235. year-end comp
  236. turkeys to the left of us, turkeys to the right...
  237. ALL CDs $9.99 at Circuit City Friday, AND....
  238. Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road SACD
  239. Hey, Slosh. 2 outta 3 ain't bad.
  240. Don't ya just hate it when ......
  241. Login problems?
  242. Kind of an interesting/funny/sad article on Green Day as Network...
  243. Joy Divison Remasters
  244. How much would you pay for a guitar signed by your favourite band?
  245. 2 new comps here
  246. Is OK Computer really that good?
  247. Check out Amazon's, "If you liked Michael Jackson's # 1, You'll like..."
  248. Ever heard a cover that made you reevaluate the original?
  249. Tuesday Second Thread
  250. Enjoy Your Big Bird Thursday !!!