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    Kill Rhythm is better than caffeine on a Saturday morn!

    Deep feelings, I'm keeping, still dreaming
    Now, my secrets out
    Deep, distant and pure......

    What a great album! It really cements that Pink Floyd to My Bloody Valentine connection. And "Fripp" always sounded kind of like a long lost Floyd song to me, even down to the lyrics which are reminiscent of Roger Waters' style. And to reinforce that connection, they even do a faithful cover of Wish You Were Here on a later odds and ends EP.

    I think the pinnacle of this album comes for me about in the middle, in the dark, intense, churning and ultimately liberating title track, Chrome. I remember times when I have just listened to that one song over and over, especially in my car with it cranked high. Initially to try and decipher enough of the lyrics to figure out if they matched the mood of the music, and they do. It's one of those pieces of music that doesn't really even need lyrics to convey exactly what it is about, it's just so obvious. Mesmerizing. Rob Dickinson never again matched the lyrical strength he showed on this spectacular set of songs. Each one is special, and for an album that nearly defined the early 90s for me, it still sounds surprisingly fresh and vital. Forget the Stone Roses and other purveyors of brit-rock in the late 80s/early 90s....this was the real deal.

    'Cos if I had some time
    I'd use it this time
    Escape to something beautiful
    'Cos underneath the steel and rust and oil and shit
    There's chrome just shining chrome.....
    (pause a few moments for guitars, lots and lots of lovely guitars)
    A mirror finish of my own
    Alive inside this chrome, home, home, home

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    nice album

    definately one of my favorites of the 90's.. my copy was a promo and it didn't have the cool swimming cover.. just a shiny silver ("chrome") digipack. Sometimes I wonder if the artwork affected how I thought about the music inside. FERMENT has that orange cover and has always sounded a bit warmer to me.. maybe it's all in my mind.

    I think my favorite track is "Pain" - which is sort of like "Black Metallic Pt 2" ... great stuff. I can definately hear where Failure got some of their inspiration for their last album FANTASTIC PLANET. Seems like that would be right up your alley, you heard it Davey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Jar-
    ... my copy was a promo and it didn't have the cool swimming cover.. just a shiny silver ("chrome") digipack. Sometimes I wonder if the artwork affected how I thought about the music inside.
    Yeah, that could probabably make for a good thread on its own, "How does the artwork affect your appreciation of the music?". We've all probably purchased an album on occasion just because we liked the cover. Here's a scan of the rest of the liner notes ....

    Do I know Failure? Well unfortunately, I'm quite familiar with [lowercase] failure, but don't think I know [uppercase] Failure? Could you hum a little just so I'm sure? I'll have to do some research on FANTASTIC PLANET. Thanks (like I really need any more good music to check out ).

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    I never get tired of that album. Pretty much a "10".
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