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    Finchy's Red Hot Chili Peppers comp

    First off, nice job on the artwork. Well done. And those CD labels....did you apply those yourself or were they preapplied? Very cool.

    Now for the music. I knew practically nothing about The Chili Peppers except for the few songs I heard on the radio years ago. Lots of funk action going on here. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of overly funky music. And some of it had a rap style of vocalization which doesn't appeal to me either. Anyway, some of this was damn good.

    Here's what caught my fancy:

    If You Want Me To Stay - I can't place it but this tune reminds me of an old R&B song. Or perhaps even a Motown song. Sounds very familiar.
    Behind The Sun
    Higher Ground - Fav of mine. Classic case where the cover is better than the original.
    Knock Me Down - Very good song. This thing really jams.
    Taste The Pain - Yeah, this was cool.
    Pretty Little Ditty - Pretty little short ditty.
    Breaking The Girl
    Under The Bridge
    Parallel Universe - Most excellent tune. Another fav.
    Otherside - great song.
    Californication - I liked this song very much as well.

    So, I guess I'm more of a mainstream RHCP fan liking only the radio hits and poppier stuff. Thanks for turning me onto them Finch. All was not lost.

    Oh, in Special Secret Song Inside, are they saying what I think they're saying? I was listening to this comp at work and had to quickly turn it down. The woman folk may not have appreciated the lyrical content as much as the men folk.

    Let the midnight special shine a light on me.

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    Hey Finch-aroo,

    I would love one of those!

    Please advise!


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    First of all...

    Quote Originally Posted by DarrenH
    First off, nice job on the artwork. Well done. And those CD labels....did you apply those yourself or were they preapplied? Very cool.

    Thanks for the compliments! Much appreciated.

    The CDs came like that- I just scribbled on top of 'em.

    The cover is an optical delusion- If you take the cover and tilt it and sight along it sideways, those boxes/lines that look bent? Well, they ain't. Pretty cool, eh?

    You liked more than I thought you might- glad you enjoyed as much as you did.

    DaveG- I've got one for you. I'll send it soon.


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