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    Jar Of Slosh

    Hey, Slosh, thanks for the JOS- some fine stuff on this one. Top pick thus far- Built To Spill- not familiar with them at all (Unklebob says they're cool), but that's a CATCHY toon. And I guess I'm gonna break down and buy that Wrens disk- the few cuts I've heard I like a lot. Even liked the Enon tune............I appreciate the chance to listen...........

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    Wasn't sure there'd be much there to meet your appeal...

    ...but I figured what the hell.

    No real rhyme or reason to this one. Just had a fairly long drive on New Year's eve and a dozen or so songs floating 'round my head so put 'em to disc and fleshed the rest out with whatever I felt like hearing next at the time. Upon playback it sounded to me like if ya took one of my comps and one of Jar's and put them on random play...hence the title.

    Funny that the comps with absolutely no planning and just thrown together on the fly often work out so well

    Glad there was at least a few things there you liked. BtS recs? All of them! There are only four studio albums and they're all great

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    Likewise Sloshmeister - thanks for the disc. It was a pleasant surprise. I've only listened to the first 6 or 7 songs so far (on my drive home). Like tentoze, the BTS tune is my fav. so far. Jar and Rae introduced me to BTS a couple years back.

    Can't wait to hear the rest. Danka.


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    I got mine too.. thanks Slosh. It's weird you thought of me when you made this as most all the music on there is new-to-me.. I'm convinced I think I have to track down a copy of that Wrens album.. what catchy stuff. I know it sounds icky, but they remind me of Jimmy Eat World in their more mellow moments. The Peter Gabriel track sounded amazing. I loved the Jucifer track too. To my ears, this is a very classic Slosh comp. You even have the all important Prince cut too. The only thing missing was a Sublime track.. hehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Jar-
    It's weird you thought of me when you made this
    My comps have been a little too heavy on the wimp-pop lately so I wanted something to get the blood flowing a little. Of course I deviated back to the wimp-pop here and there
    but it's been a while since I've gotten something as heavy as "Not For Nothing" on a comp

    I've been spinning your 2003 a lot the last several weeks and in a (subliminal?) way it was kinda the inspiration for using some heavier stuff on my comp Did I tell ya how much I like that one yet? Everything on it is good although I can do without the Opeth track again (why is it that most prog bores me so?)

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