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Thread: It's a sickness

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    It's a sickness

    You just never know when you might get a hankering to hear something. I still even have the Milli Vanilli CD and even ELP's Love Beach. It's a sickness.
    As I was leaving my place last night, I pulled off the shelf the latest Four Tet CD (which is great, BTW) and within two steps thought to myself "Something doesn't feel right." I opened the jewel case and sure enough, no CD. If a jewel case is on the shelf, I'd say 99.99% of the time (part of my other sickness, anal retentiveness*), the CD is in there, so I had no reason to think a CD would be missing from the case.

    I did a little research and a standard jewel case is approximately 70 grams (without any added cover/liner paper) and a CD is approximately 16 grams. With the paper, I'm guessing we're up to the 100 gram range for the complete package, meaning that the CD is about 1/6 of the total package weight.

    Is the lack of a CD in a jewel case something I should detect? I've done this before, but typically it's been with something I've been shuffling around so I was "sensitized" to the total weight.

    Is this normal or part of the sickness? Why the hell do I care? I have no idea, but I do know I don't feel like working, so you get subjected to the stupid questions.


    * Yes, I know that anal retentiveness is not a f*cking badge, but it is a fact of life.
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    Well, I do that too (am able to detect a missing CD from a CD package), so you're either (a) in good company; or (b) not sick.

    However, the doing research part is a bit much. I would never do anything like that.
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    I'm just as sick as you guys then.

    I can EASY tell when a cd is not in the case, immediately.

    Then the next q. is always, "well where in the hell is it?"


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    I can tell the difference pretty easily, it seems. So, did you find the CD after all?

    Ever double up a CD back into a case that it doesn't belong in and then can't remember where you put it? I did that a year or so ago in the car and it took me having to go through practically my entire collection to find it. (but I did find it...) Now I don't bring cases on the road anymore.

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    Not only empty cases, but the wrong cases!

    Just a week or so ago, I was looking to play a certain tune from Wilco's "Being There", but when I went to retrieve the disc (it's a 2-disc CD and I needed #1), I found freakin' Pete Yorn. So I go to Pete Yorn and found, you guessed it, the Wilco disc. I guess I was the guilty party, but what are you gonna do.

    What's worse is when I go to find one of my alphabetically filed cd's and it's not there. I've probably lost a half dozen or so in the past couple years, and I really can't figure out where they went. I suspect foul play, or my wife "borrowed" them and someone swiped them at our coffee shop. I've gotten in the habit of copying nearly every cd she likes so she can take them in her car or the shop and not have to touch the originals or take them out of the house. CDRs are so cheap these days that it's hardly a burden to copy at will. I think my last batch of 50 cost me about $5 at Best Buy, so about 10 cents each.

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