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    Flaming Lips ???

    Hello, I would like to buy one of their CDs. Which one is best? Yoshimi? Thanks, 9

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    Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is good, but I think most people will vote Soft Bulletin or Transmissions From The Satellite Heart
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    Yoshimi and The Soft Bulletin are both tremedous records, hard to choose between the two. I guess if I had to choose, I would vote Yoshimi but I expect I would be in the minority here. Trasmissions..... is the only other one I have (except an excellent greatest hits comp) and I would rate it a close third.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Number9
    Hello, I would like to buy one of their CDs. Which one is best? Yoshimi? Thanks, 9
    Well, as much as I hate to disagree with Dusty, I would probably recommend Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots for your first Flaming Lips purchase.

    Its a very easy album to like and then once you're a fan, Soft Bulletin will be more accessible. I love Yoshimi but it certainly doesn't have the lasting appeal that Soft Bulletin does.

    IMO. I don't have Transmissions From a Satellite Heart yet, but its on my lengthy wishlist.

    What bands are you currently enjoying Number9?


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    Yeah, what they said. Yoshimi or Bulletin. If you like one, you will no doubt want the other.

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    No one's mentioned Clouds Taste Metallic, so I will. It's not quite as good as Bulletin and Yoshimi, but it's still a damn fine album. To me it seems to be somewhat of a transitional album, with hints of the great things they would do later.

    I'd probably recommend getting Yoshimi first, even though it's not my favorite, because of it's relative accessability.
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