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    Musing on old times-The Pretender

    So I went to the rack reaching for Jackson Browne's Running On Empty, and came up empty, realizing I didn't have it here in the desert. The only JB cd I have is The Pretender. Now back in FL, I have a 1/2 speed master vinyl of this record, but I threw in the cd available here- what a wonderful record this is! At the time, I had no idea that his 1st wife had committed suicide. Always thought it was well recorded, and even the cd, played through a minimal system here (but at least with the new tube pre), sounded most excellent. Never necessarily agreed with his California left-wing politics, but from the S/T debut in 72 thru 77's Running On Empty, this was about as good as it got for me.

    Wonder what I'll dredge up now...............the room smells like ozone.

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    Good ol JB made some good music in his prime. For Everyman, Late For the Sky and the Pretender two of my favorites from that era.
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