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    Source tags & codes......

    Source tags & codes is the 3rd album by And you will know us by the trail of dead. I've just recently picked this up and it's the only piece of work I have by them but WOW! what an interesting album. I don't see these guys getting much airplay but I am impressed with this none the less. Their sound is kind of a mish mash of Sonic Youth, U2 and say Interpol. That's probably a lousey discription buts it's the best I have at the moment.

    I got this at the same time I bought British Sea Power and to be honest I like it more so far.

    Anyone else have this release or either of their earlier works?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jefferson
    Anyone else have this release or either of their earlier works?
    There's been a lot of discussion about these guys on this board - actually on the last software version of this board. I tried to do a search there, but it only gives me the first page of hits for "trail of dead", and I'm sure there are many, many pages of hits. Source Tags got a ton of hype, especially after Pitchfork gave it a 10.0.

    I have all three full lengths and the Relative Ways EP. I probably like Madonna just as well as Source Tags, but both are damn good albums. The first one to me is inconsistent, and a sonic mess (although it's definitely not terrible) but the latter is why some really like it.

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    Yep that's a good one too. I only have that and the prior album and it's been ages since I've played either one. Nothing wrong with discovering "old" music, if it's new to you it's still new. I think about half of my CD's are records all the cool people had a couple of years before. For example, I just finally grabbed B.R.M.C., by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and RPM was promoting this album almost three years ago. Rick, if your reading this, nice rec. sorry for the delay, the albmum is awesome!

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