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    Marantz DV6400, any comments?

    Anybody have any experience with this player? Thinking about taking the plunge and getting a higher end CD player that also does DVD-A and SACD and the Marantz fits the bill for what I'm looking for. Any thoughts on it?

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    I bought it in February and I've been very happy. The SACD and DVD-A playback is pretty good and the CD playback the same. In that price range, I don't think you can do much better.

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    Cool. I'm pretty much sold on this player, I'm just waiting to see if approves me for the 18 months same as cash! Otherwise, no way I would be spending this much on a single disc player

    Also I'm waiting to see if the Toshiba 6915 DVD/DVD-A/SACD/MP3/WMA ever comes out, but after 5 months of waiting I'm giving up hope.

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    Does the Marantz have any type of bass management for SACD/DVD-Audio?

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    Quote Originally Posted by N. Abstentia
    Does the Marantz have any type of bass management for SACD/DVD-Audio?
    Checking the Marantz website and looking at the specs and manual, it does have bass management for both. Also, went to Cambridge Soundworks today to listen to this universal player. Really impressed by the quality of CD sound as well as SACD and especially DVD-A. Currently borrowing a friend's Sony SCD-777ES $2500 SACD player to compare and after today, I can say that the Marantz was an equal match. The current issue of Sound and Vision also says that this model can match with the best in video and audio performance. After what I saw and heard today, I can believe it now. I will probably purchase the Marantz unit now that I had a chance to compare it to the Denon 2200 universal player. I like having the WMA feature and upgrade capabilities that is lacking on the Denon but the Denon build quality is much better. I will probably go online to save some money but that 18 month no interest program is enticing.


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    Actually the Marantz DV 6400 didn't fare quite well in a review by norwegian site

    Loose translation:
    "The CD audio quality is one of the things which has been sacrificed when Marantz was going to make an affordable universal player. CD's simply do not sound good on this player. The sound is lifeless and coarse, and the bass lacks foundation. Compared to my reference for DVD players (Denon DVD2900), this player has sometimes large deficiencies. Yes it costs $400 less, but there is really a difference! It would be interesting to compare to the Denon DVD2200 which is in the same price-range..."
    "With SACD the player is a bit better. Spyro Gyras "In Modern Times" sounded fresh and playful, but lacked a bit in the bass. The soundstage was stable and fairly big and the midrange was a bit better than on CD."
    "This is not the player for those seeking uncompromising sound quality. And it is probably not targeted at those either. This is a good allround-player, matching the Denon DVD1400 but a bit more expensive. For the extra money you get a bit better sound. This player fits well in a mid-class home theatre setup, fitting with loudspeakers in the same class e.g. B&W's 600-series or similar."


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