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    No successor for the Marantz pm8000?

    I was, and not a little, shocked when I noticed that Marantz didn't include a successor of their wonderful pm8000 Integrated amplifier (Range Series) with A-class operation. They settled with the new pm7200 (95watts at 4Ohms and 155watts at 8Ohms) and A-Class op., whereas the pm8000 (105watts at 4Ohms and 165watts at 8Ohms) and A-Class op..

    I find this sad because speakers, nowadays, can always use the extra push. Speakers have only become more demanding (e.g. Kevlar, fiberoptic material, high powered tweeters, multiple woofers,...).
    I also noticed that in the same Series Marantz has created a more powerful receiver than they had before, the SR9300 with 160W/ch at 6Ohms. And they've put it all in the same box nothing like the AV9000 Preamp and the MM9000 power amp.

    The first question that came up in my mind was, "Has Marantz given up the challenge in the stereo-experience and taken they HT-challenge, by giving up, in turn, with a preamp & poweramp configuration and gone with a 'receiver'? Have they gone mad?

    After I bought the pm8000 (by the way! i'm very pleased with that Integ. amp.!) I though to myself: " the next flagship-model will probably follow the same trend of higher powerlevels" I tough the successor of the pm8000 or a big brother was coming with an even higher powerlevel (not only in the standard amp but also in the A-class operation). Apparently someone at Marantz felt they just had to disappoint the loyal Marantz fan that like an old fashioned stereosound thru a pair of formidable main speakers. My speakers need that power! I totally dislike underpowering or overpowering my speakerpair, because it just destroys the synergy between speaker and amp.

    I just don't get it. HT-fans get the experience thru seven channels (speakers). Seven channels of violence, sheer madness compared to a Integ. amp., that can provide less power per channel than a receiver does per channel. One thing that always gets me to choose for the stereo-experience is the better quality per channel, and the clean polished sound.

    I think it's about time Marantz expand their offer in the Integrated amp section of all their series. In the Range series there are three models of integ. amps left. I would very much like to see a successor of the pm8000 and, just as much, like a big brother of that one(pm8000) become available on the market.

    Share your opinion on this!

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    You could try out the new nad c372

    I have dealer friend out here who stocks both marantz and Nad.If you are looking out for more power without losing out on the finesse and subtle nuances of sound and you are on a budget, you could try out the new NAD C372.I heard it last week.It is a 150 watt per channel@8ohm amp and it rocks! It is a high current model and can drive virtually any loudspeaker with ease.

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