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    Klipsch Reference Series

    What you guys think of this speaker?
    Is it good for music?
    Worth it's money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 92135011
    What you guys think of this speaker?
    Is it good for music?
    Worth it's money?
    People usually have definite opinions about the "horn sound" speakers. Some people love them, and some people have a hard time listening to them because of the high treble energy in the presentation. They have an immediate "wow" factor but the sizzle isn't for everyone and can cause listening fatigue. They are "brighter" many other speakers and many "horn heads" find other speakers too "warm" for their tastes. Your taste will determine their worth.

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    I own both Synergy series SB3s and Reference RB5s....along with some polks and Bostons.The Klipsch are the clear winners in this group. The Klipsch horns are not "deep throat" horns of yesteryear, but rather shallow vestigial horns that are not a whole lot different from most current speakers.I would rate klipsch reference a "A" for home theater and a "B" for music. They can be had for 40% off on the net a places like and if you want to buy locally, print out a net price and local dealers will usually give you 20% off.I prefer them to my brother's B & W (expensive 802s) for HT. I just want to stress that the "horn" lable problem has been very over stated and aside from any other attribute they are fairly manstream speakers....though very efficient.

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    I'm asking cuz the place i work at has them for sale.
    I'm pretty good with the owner so he agreed to give me 50% off all the klipsct stuff.
    So, in essence, i can get pretty good stuff for an unbeatable price.

    problem is...are they good compared to other stuff? is always a factor
    but good music is also another

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    Yeh I like a lot of Klipsch's stuff. For the money, I don't think the reference line is worth it's retail, for 50% off, hell yeh I'm liking them. Check out the other stuff in this price range and see if you like anything else more.


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    Too much guys were right. I just tried them out today.
    Too bright. I think if i had to listen to music on klipsct it would drive me nuts.
    I would be saving lots of money...except also wasting a whole bunch since I wouldnt be inclined to listen to music anymore.

    Back to the drawing board:
    not so much money so...
    Paradigm signature series (maybe a titan) or
    B&W 303 or
    Energy take 2.2

    + a sub...i dont know if it has to be the same brand...probably no more than 3bills though.

    What you guys think?

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