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    JM Lab vs Martin Logan

    Hi, I'm changing my stereo setup loudspeakers and I finally reduce my options for these two: Martin Logan Mosaic's or JM Lab Chorus 726s???

    The rest of my setup consists in a Denon PMA-2000IVR Integrated Amp and a Marantz DV-6400 DVD.

    I am not an audiophile, I just like good music to sound good...

    Which pair of speakers???

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    I like JM Lab's speakers over ML. I find them very musical. Good sound stage too.

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    Sound has to be a personal choice

    No equipment, especially speakers, have no "sound" of it's own. So find the sound you like the best and can afford. I am going after some Martin Logans myself as soon as I finish remodeling some. I love the sound, and I finally killed my 20 year old Magnapan's. Thats just me though. I would definately listen to some B&W's and Magnapan's before deciding as well. None of these are cheap, but they all sound fantastic when set up right, and only average when set up wrong.
    It's your ears and money. I find as I got older I have a few very specific frequencies I am not hearing well that I used to be able to hear. We all are different. If you can afford it, Listen to a lineup of great units and pick the "sound" you are comfortable with. Keyword is comfortable. If you can't sit there a while and still wanna sit there, something is wrong.
    Don't forget to turn the volume up some while testing. Louder volums, not necessarilly glass shattering just louder, and cleaner music tend to show a sharpness in some systems very fast that I can't notice for a few days to weeks otherwise. This can make for a slightly strained or coarse sound that can get on your nerves and really degrade the overall listening enjoyment for me. That trick seems to help me. Just an idea for you on that one.
    But those Logans are definately my choice. They sound extremely smooth and accurate when set up correctly. I get no strain at all, just close my eyes and smile.
    Take care

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    Why not hook both of them up to your system and decide for yourself which sounds best? One thing to consider is that the JML's are 8 ohm nominal while the ML's are 5 ohm and more importantly, if the Mosaics hold true to most ML 'stats, will likely have some wicked dips in their impedence curve that could pose challenging for some amps. Obviously, the only way to see if the Denon is up to the task is to hook 'em up and let it play. The JML's slight efficiency advantage isn't nearly as great as their ease to drive in comparison to the Mosaics. Don't forget that the ML's optimum placement will likely be farther out from the wall than the Chorus so consider where you are going to put them and whether or not WAF is a variable.

    There isn't a person here that can tell you which one sounds better because we don't have your ears, taste, or room acoustics. Follow Latty's advice and trust your own ears.

    Have fun.

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