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    Merlin VSM-M or Martin Logan Odyssey

    I am trying to decide between the Merlin VSM-M and the Martin Logan Odyssey. I know they are on different ends of the spectrum but they are comparably priced. I have heard the Odyssey and like the very open soundstage. They sounded good for both music and Home Theater. Two drawbacks for me anyways would be their size ( they are awfully large) and their sensitivity. I heard they need lots of clean power to do them justice. I will be powering them with a Rotel RMB 1095. My other choice is the Merlin VSM-M. I have not heard these speakers but I have read many positive reviews. This web site alone has 70 reviews all giving them 5 stars. They must be doing something right for everybody to like them. They seem to be efficient and have a small footprint two things that the Martin Logan's didn't have. My only problem is I haven't heard these speakers and don't have anyplace close by to audition them. Can anybody who has heard these speakers give me a honest opinion. I would appreciate any feedback.


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    Do you always believe what you read?
    Who care how well a product is reviewed. I am a little puzzled though; how can you make a speaker you have never heard a final choice?
    Try corresponding with the Merlin distributor and/or dealer to see if they allow a home trial period. Hearing is believing!
    Remember, different isn't always better, but it is different.
    Keep things as simple as possible, but not too simple.
    Let your ears decide for you!

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