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    Martin Logan: what's the big deal?

    I went to Tweeter the other day to shop for a new receiver. I was in the same room with the speakers so I figured why not listen to the Martin Logans just for curiosity's sake. I realize that sometimes one listening session is not an accurate way to judge sound quality but here is my take.

    First of all, they are very attractive speakers, the Martin Logan designers really know what they're doing. Regarding sound, while they did sound nice, with the treble, bass, and midrange nicely separated, I've heard just as nice sound quality from speakers costing less. Also, with the sub turned off, the Logans were noticeably lacking in bass; I've heard that this is one of the drawbacks of electrostatic speakers.

    All in all, while the Martin Logans were nice, they seem to be more style over substance, a perfect speaker that will pass the "wife acceptance factor" test.

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    Smile You can never go back.

    I donít really know how to describe it. I have owned Martin Loganís for almost 5 years now, and they still continue to surprise me everyday. I have never heard another speaker with the ability to separate all the frequencies correctly. True they are lacking bass, and it does occasional bother me, but I added a sub to take care of that.

    If you listen to classical, and jazz you may never find a speaker that reproduces the sound so true (of course in the same price range). I find the vocal capability of the Loganís are great, listing to Nora Jones, or Diana Krall may never be the same for me again. I could never go back to a ďboxĒ speaker again.

    But I do have some complaints about them, as any good owner would admit too. They are lacking bass, but it is easily fixed with a sub. On smaller less expensive models, like the Scenario, or the newer Clarity, there is a smaller soundstage than their bigger brothers. But I do still love them.

    Personally I own Ascentís in the front and Scenarioís in the back.

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