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    MB Quart

    For those interested MBQuart is officially gone and now is owned primarily by Rockford Fosgate. So any future MBQuart speakers are really Rockford Fosgate speakers with a MB logo. So Watch Out

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    I currently own MB Quart three and Domain d-55, I use it with my Nakamichi mb 1 cd player and the sound is superb.I'm looking for an additional pair of mb quart three.Stereo Review had an article in 1995 right when the Mb quart three s were popular saying it was the best bang for the buck!!and talked about the sound quality. I found a store quickly and paid a little under book for them. One of the best purchases i ever made!! I can't find them anywhere on any website and looking for a pair? If you know anyone selling them send them my way. I'm interested!!

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    I hate to hear that. The car audio market doesn't seem to be as big as it was though and MB Quart, although an excellent product, didn't diversify and was out of the price range of most car audio enthusiasts. I liked their car product but what little I heard of their venture into home wasn't very impressive.

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    Old School Rocks And I Have The Complet Set

    I Have The Compet Quart Three Wat Home Set (EDITED) Left And Right Quart 3 And The Ctr Center Spk I Alaso Have A Set Of The One ...6,5 Mid Bass I Inch Tweeter All The Orignia Boexs I Purchased These Guys In 1994 Fro Bsi Car Stero (EDITED)

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    Have a set of MB quart D55's. One of the 6.5 mids pops when pushed a little. where can i find a replacement or can it be fixed? Love this set, please need advice>>>

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    Does the name change mean they've also lost their parts stock and component sources? Why does the change have to be a bad thing? If the company was struggling before the purchase, isn't is conceivable deeper pockets would be better for the product? I wouldn't start looking for a gravestone just yet, unless you've heard they plan to dump the MBQuart product line.

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