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    MB Quart S Series

    Anyone own these speakers or any other Quart's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dharris
    or any other Quart's?
    Yes, I own a pair of QL C 200's. They are a decent bookshelf. 6.5" poly-type woofer and a 1" titanium tweeter, front ported bass reflex. I have enjoyed them for the past several years. Quite a step up from these "Circuit City special" Infiniti's I had in high school(Reference Series, 2000.1...wimpie stuff).

    I got them for $200 wholesale because my brother worked for a car audio company at the time. They retailed for $400, but honestly I have never seen a shop(picked these up at a warehouse) who carries MB Quart home audio stuff, just car stuff.

    Here is a pic of what they look like:

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