I'm putting my first home theater together in years. I would really appreciate some advice on a 5 or 6 discDVD Changer.

As a reference, this is what I've decided on so far:

Pioneer Pro 910HD
Integra DTR 7.4 Rec.
JM Labs Sib/Cub Spkrs.

Right now I'm torn between the Integra DPC 7.4 that my dealer recommended (for $450) and the Denon DVM-1815. I've spent weeks researching, testing, etc.. but I'm afraid I need some real advice now. It would be a huge help if I could hear some opinions on DVD Changers in this price range. Performance is the most important characteristic to me. I don't need DVA or SACD right now. Eventually this changer will be my second option when I upgrade to a HD DVD (when they exist...).