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    need setup advice

    hello, although I've been pretty seriously into car audio for a number of years I'm just starting to put together my first real home system. I was hoping I could get some advice about various setups; I'm looking to run a pair of moderately priced towers (i.e., Vandersteen 2ce or Klipsch RF-35; any feedback on a good set of comparably priced towers would be appreciated as well) a good CD source unit and turntable - a tuner would be nice too. Anyway, I was considering using a tube amplifier such as the Jolida 302 or 502 to drive the towers and was wondering if using a vintage receiver such as a Marantz 2270 would be good for this sort of setup - would a nice preamp be better since I wouldn't really be utilizing the Marantz's 70watts per channel? Having a remote control or the convenience of a third input for aux would be nice, but more than anything I'm looking to get the best sound for my money and build a system I won't feel the need to upgrade only a few months after putting it together.
    Like I said, although I've been into audio and have been around home audio for a long time, this will be my first "real" home system and I'd appreciate any feedback, advice, or recommendations. Thanks

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    Well, audionihilist, there was no reply to your post and let me guess why. The choice is so wide, it's endless, so there is no sense in recommending you anything particular, not knowing your taste. I can tell you about a great system, and you won't like it at all - no surprise. We all are different. So, in my eyes (ears) the importatnt thing is where to start. Start with the speakers, as they are most diverse in character. Just go to the shop or two and listen to several speakers and choose the brand that sounds more "right" "natural" to you. Choose one of their range according to your budget and your room. (Make sure that it will interact well with your own room (consult your dealer) - that's where the system becomes great or awful.)
    Then look for an amp which drives them easily and does not highlight their shortcomings. If you think that something missing in the amp's presentation - don't worry too much, you may well hear it later. If you hear that the amp adds something to the sound that you do not like - run away from it. Trust a dealer in a good shop to choose a suitable cable. Avoid receivers if you are after a good sound. They have basic power supplies and layouts (if it's not McIntosh) and will pollute your system with all kinds of garbage.
    Then, if your new amps/ speakers combo works well together with any basic digital source, like dirt-cheap DVD player or your car CD - whatever, basically it's done. You will finetune it with a proper source. Just audition several CDPs in your own home. They do not differ as much as speakers and the choice is even easier. The rest - power chords, filter strips, vacuum supports, wooden platforms, Shakti stones, ferrite clamps, Mana tables, RDC cons, DeTox, DeVox, divorse etc. etc. - is just fun, if your choice of components initially was rigth, or a permanent pain if it went wrong. That's how it worked with me anyway.

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