All I can say is ... wow
Watched kill bill vol 1 with dts running 5.1 (working on getting the front channels that I'm after) and .... wow ...
The part where the mosquito is buzzing around the room had me actually looking for the fly.
Setup was neat, took about 5 min and when it was done, my movies immersed me in sound. I can't wait to go 7.1, hoping the imaging really gets crazy. I'm still learning the system though, and I only had 1 gripe about it. I had to make do this weekend with my sisters DVD player as I haven't bought the panasonic dvd-a changer I'm after yet. With all the codes listed in the back and sanyo being a big player in the cheap but decent market, I would have thought with a sanyo tv listed they would have the dvd player listed also. No such luck.
I went through every code listed in the DVD section and none would work for my sisters lil sanyo DVD player. I sent an email to yamaha, hoping maybe they can point me in the right direction for a code till I can get my panasonic.