I finally finished watching the movies I rented Friday night. I'm a little late to the party on these.

Owning Mahowny - Philip Seymour Hoffman gives an excellent performance as an unassuming gambling addict. Based on a true story, the pacing and building tension had me pulling for this guy.

Run Ronnie Run - Ok, so it's not nearly as serious as Mahowny, but it has a few truly funny moments. When Ronnie arrives in Hollywood from Doraville, however, it gets quite vulgar. Still, I liked the premise and I remembered the character from the tv series on HBO or Showtime - I think it was "Mr. Show." There should have been more cop chase scenes.

The Bourne Identity - I've read some threads here on the Bourne Supremacy and Identity so I thought I would finally check it out. Entertaining film. I think if the screen writer had found a way to keep the audience guessing about the main character's background a little longer it would have been more interesting. Matt Damon was better than expected.

Roger Dodger - I simply couldn't make it through this one. It was a little too self-indulgent or something. I was surprised to see Isabella Rossilini in it. Not that she was disappointing, I just hadn't seen her in anything lately.

Well, going through the old releases to take advantage of the rent 3 get 2 free deal is always hit or miss unless I'm in the mood to see several movies I've already seen. It's back to the new releases this weekend.