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Thread: Denon DVD-2910

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    Denon DVD-2910

    I'm looking for comments from people who have direct experience with this component.

    I'm mainly interested in Redbook performance, with video performance next. I figure since my DVD player is no-frills, and my CDP is pretty average, I could consolidate with this. I'm not interested in multi-channel at the moment, and would be using the component video connection until I upgrade my TV. The audio signal would be delivered to an integrated using the good old RCA connections.

    Any thoughts?

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    Nobody has the 2910?

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    check the review section

    Quote Originally Posted by NickWH
    Nobody has the 2910?

    I don't have it but there are 11 reviews for it in the review section of

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    I have the 2900 and it's a great universal player.

    It has a good tranport. For red Book CD, i use the digital out to an Audio Alchemy DTI pro32 interpolator/jitter-reducer, DDE V3.0 HDCD D/A and DLC. although the 2900/2910 use 192kHz/24bit DAC's, I like the sound from my old digital processors

    I think the 29i0 has HDCD and Denon's ilink, which allow digital transmission of hi-res DVD-A and SAVD to a denon receiver. Apparnetly the 2910 has received stellar reviews for an inexpensive player

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