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    Denon vs Yamaha (Receiver & DVD)

    Finalizing my purchase and narrowed down to Denon AVR1705 with the DVD1910 or the Yanaha RX-V550 with the DVDS1500.

    Both seem to be of similar quality. The Denon DVD has a DVI input but not a selling point to me. Both the Denon and Yamaha DVD have Faroudja. The Denon receiver has up conversion to component video - but again, using component anyway, so not a selling point.

    These are all relatively NEW products - anybody make any recent purchases or advice on either??

    I have had Yamaha for years with never a problem but hearing the Denon mid priced stuff is great????

    Coments, good or bad anyone??

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    First off, look at your choices SEPARATELY. You can pair a Yamaha receiver with a Denon DVD player (that's how my system is setup) or vice versa.

    The only clearcut advantage in your comparisons is the Yamaha DVD-S1500 because it's a universal player that can play back SACD and DVD-A. The Denon cannot play back either format.

    Both companies make decent equipment, so buy based on the product meeting your needs rather than on reputation.

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