Hi. I purchased a new Denon DVD-2200 DVD player today and am happy with it overall, but I'm having one minor problem. It's connected to a Denon AVR-1803 receiver, which I purchased new less than a year ago. I've programmed the AVR-1803's remote (the RC-916) to work with the DVD-2200 by following the instructions that came with the AVR-1803. (Press "OFF" and "ON/SOURCE" at the same time, then hit "111" or "014") This works for all the necessary functions of the DVD-2200 EXCEPT turning it off... which should be a pretty basic function. Pressing "ON/SOURCE" with the remote set to VIDEO and DVD/VDP will turn the unit ON, but not OFF!

Is there another number combination that I can use with this remote so that I can turn OFF the DVD-2200, as well as have all of the other DVD functions that I currently have with this remote? It seems silly that I could turn my old $179 Sony DVP-NS715P DVD player on and off with my Denon remote, but I can't turn my $600 Denon DVD player off with my Denon remote! I could understand this if the remote was three or four years old, but come on... The AVR-1803 only came out last spring, and I was one of the first customers in Indianapolis to get one! (I had ordered mine three weeks before they started shipping.)

Any help would be appreciated.