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    Question cd recording

    Am interested in decent cd recording at a low price. Tdk seems to fit this description. I don't want their player , just a recorder. They have a UE-5200 cd rewriter. Any recommendations and can I record from my phonograph, for download to an ipod? Ignorant, as always, thanks.

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    if you have a PC i think that the bestest, most flexible and most versatile option is just using a PC CD-RW and dedicated software. you will be needing a decent soundcard though, but i can almost guarantee a half decent sound card+ cheapest CD-RW u can find out there (for recording audio, u dont need many bells or whistles) will beat the hell out of a dedicated audio CDRW, pricewise. however keep in mind its not as convenient...
    I remember the days when I thought 128kbps sounded great and had never spent more than 10 bucks on cables...

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    One misconseption in computer based CDR's is that its easier. I think using a computer, Windows or Mac, its more complicated.

    The OS and the software make you do MORE than you should do.

    I have a CDR deck, Pioneer, really nice and simple and excellent quality. I also use a CDR drive on my Mac, but I ONLY use it when I just want to copy a CD or MP3 to CD and of course other computer things.

    With that said, I just connect the outs of my amp which has the turntable/record playing through it to the analog ins on the Pioneer CD recording deck. Then I just use the resulting CDR, actually CD-ReWritable, and take that CDRW into the the regular CD drive on the computer and import straight into iTunes or whatever, into MP3 and/or AIFF/WAV files.

    Thats it. The quality is as good as its going to get! PLUS you're not tied down with setting soundcard BS, software prefs, hoping that you're recording at the right level, I never trust those computer audio input settings. AND! Then you might be tempted to clean up the audio. Now, that can just take you down a time-wasting road. Unless its a crucial recording, then fine. But if you have a lot to transfer, stick with the simplest way.

    Paying a bit more for a dedicated deck is worth it in time saving and simplicity, at least in my view and experience.

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    ABSOLUTELY agreed with PAYING MORE for a stand alone DEDICATED CD recording deck thats hooked up to your stereo system, not your computer ---- my Marantz DR700 is awesome and makes CD-Rs sound JUST like their original counterparts via a good, thick coax cable connection between my Marantz CD changer and the recorder.

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