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    Does NAD C372 sound better than C370 ?

    Hi, I have been using NAD C370 for last few years and am looking for an upgrade. Does anybody have comparison listening experiences on the C370 and the new C372 ? In what sonic aspects does the C372 out performed the C370 ?? Another point of my wondering is -whether getting the C270(NAD preamp) for bridging with the C370 would sound better than the C372 ??
    Your opinion and suggestions is highly appreciated and thanks in advance

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    A couple of points here. The NAD integrated sounds good for the money, but it's weakness or performance bottleneck is the preamp section, the amp section is very good indeed. I have added a Rotel preamp to my NAD integrated and the difference is astounding. The Rotel preamp powersupply & caps are the size you'd see in a receiver or small amp! Trust me, I almost didn't believe it till I tried, but these guys who preach separates and good preamps know what they are talking about. A very high level of transparency is there now. My soundstage got larger, and most of all imaging got sooo much more defined and solid (placing all the instruments and vocals in space). I suggest for your upgrade forget about the C372 & C270, and go with separates. I say get a preamp now...your C370 is the C270 essentially, so stick with that for now. You can hook the preamp to the main in jacks on the of the great features of NAD integrateds. You can then enjoy that till you are ready to upgrade again, at which point you may look at amps like Bryston or PS Audio, etc. to replace the NAD, because it will take a good one to really beat the C370. You may want to shop Ebay & for good deals, and by no means do you have to stick with NAD. In fact I have not heard many good things (or bad things) about their preamps. There are lots of great preamps out there that will do amazing things for that amp. Do plenty of research or dealer testing so you can see that amplifiers potential...

    best of luck to you

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    Preamp for C370

    Thanks psonic for your suggestion and advises.Actually I have been thinking of getting a nice Tube Preamp like AVA T5 for teaming up with C370;yet,I am just a bit afraid I might give up Tone Control(AVA top of the line the T7 is equiped with tone control,but it has no tube-sounding ) Just have to keep on searching.BTW,whats the model of the Rotel that you have been using ?


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    Im using the Bottlehead Foreplay preamp with my C370, replacing the stock NAD preamp with the bottlehead provided a pretty significant improvement. Its a DIY kit preamp but its easy to build and with a few mods can sound Very good.

    Many people are using the foreplay with the 370, check it out.

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    a newbie from the Netherlands here. question for psonic: what kind of rotel did you use?

    As i understood you use the rotel as a preamp (wow) and the nad as the power amplifier.

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