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    Dynaco SCA-80 Amp

    My father built this amp himself back in the late 70s, and we/I used it up until just a few year ago, albeit with not the best speakers. I don't exactly recall how it sounded, but it worked just fine.

    Here is a link to info about it.

    How do you think it would do driving a pair of bookshelf speakers? None too fancy.

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    probably pretty good.

    a pair of dyna a25s would be cool, and another pair for the rears that are possible with the q model. i just dont think there is a level control for the rears but i could be wrong.

    this is a solid state device so its hard to say what the dyna amp sounded like. the st120 wasnt highly regarded and i never heard much about the sound of these sca80s.

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