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    Polk R50's or R30's with PSW202 Sub?

    I just purchased a pair of Polk Audio R50's tonight off of for 90 dollars a piece with 48 dollars shipping (for the pair), for a total of 228 or so for both speakers. However, I was about 6 hours too slow, and they are now on backorder until near Christmas. I was wondering if I would be better off soundwise with purchasing a pair of R30's for 60 dollars a piece and free shipping, and combining them with a Polk RS202 Subwoofer, which I could get from Circuit City for 100 dollars and some tax. I figure the two systems would cost about the same amount of money, so I am just curious as to which would give the better sound quality. That subwoofer is quite low end it seems, but I figure it would make up for the 1 less 6.5 inch driver on the R30 vs. the R50. Any opinions are welcome, as I still may be able to get the R30's before they run out of them. Thanks.

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    Assuming you can cancel the R50's and get your money refunded, I would take a couple favorite cd's to Circuit City and see if they would set up the R30's with the sub. If you like what you hear then buy the combo. If you have any doubts then I might stick with the R50's. I've heard both these speakers but it has been so long I can't remember how different they were. In the end I ended up buying Rti38 bookshelves because I got a great price at CC. I think you'll like the Polk's no matter which way you go. Good luck.

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    I noticed the R50's for 89.00 at is this the same place you were looking? I just bought a pair of the Infinity Primus 250's at Circuit City open box for $280, however I will be taking them back I just found out that CompUSA has them on sale for $99 each, which is an unbelievable price. I was trying to decide between those and the R50's. But if you have to pay $50 for shipping where as you can pick them up for free at CompUSA then I would go with the Infinity's. I have listened to the R30's and they aren't bad but I don't think they hang with the Primus 250's or R50's, I haven't heard the R50's but I have listened to the M50's.

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