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    Anyone experienced Polk RM6600 home theater speakers?

    I swear everyday I find new products that I might like to have for my first home theater setup. Recently, I've been looking into getting some RM6600 (or possibly the 6700's if I want to spend some more cash) and a matching Polk powered subwoofer. I can get just the satellites brand new for under $300, add on a sub and i'm lookin just under $500 for brand new Polk 6600 setup. I would likely add an onkyo TX-SR601 receiver to go with it. All in all, I would be paying about $300 more than the htib i was planning on getting (Onkyo HT-S760), but I believe I will get much more performance.

    So I wanted to know if anyone here has heard or owned these Polk 6600 or 6700 speakers and what they thought of them? Strengths? Weaknesses? Any and all comments welcome, thanks

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    My cousin got them and gave them away after 3 weeks. He wasn't very happy with them. He thought the depth of the bass wasn't very good and didn't like the mids much either. Thought the highs were good. He eventually went with a set of Energy Take 5.2 and loves them.

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