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    Polk Audio RTi12's w/ NAD C370

    Hi everybody,
    My wife finally got it and I'm making plans to purchase my first quality sound system in 10 years... need some help catching up on a lost love.

    I'm interested in the Polk Audio RTi12's... I heard the 8's in a Circuit City driven by an Onkyo Rcvr and they were austonishing! Clear, transparant sound, amazing detail, effortless... and with a cheap ($600) Onkyo! I've always liked Polk... quality speakers.

    OK, what I really want to know is where I can audition a pair of 12's driven by an NAD C370 Int. Amp?

    I have auditioned Paradigm's w/ NAD and loved it. I think they work, but these new Polk's have turned my attention.

    Any thoughts out there?

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    IMHO and from personal auditioning and usage, the 12's are as good as the 8's in highs & mids and far exceed in the bass department.

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